Celebrating #MasturbationMonth and Solo Sex

May 10th, 2018

We’re less than halfway through Masturbation Month, and I am quick enough to write a post celebrating it! Inconceivable!

I can’t remember the first time I masturbated. I know that I was making my Barbies have sex and contemplated my own pleasure when I was in the single digits. I thought of my vagina as the place that was supposed to give me pleasure, but I enjoyed clitoral friction. Like so many girls, my young masturbating often involved humping a pillow or blanket to sate this desire.

Nor do I recall the first time I masturbated with a toy. I know that I was 18 and living on my own for the first time. I purchased a vibrator online and soon followed this with a Rabbit Habit and then a second when that one broke because of the way that I liked to bend the toy during use.

Sometime between these two firsts, I had masturbated for the first time in someone else’s house. In fact, I think I have masturbated in nearly every home I’ve ever had the opportunity to sleep in, not to mention several hotels.

The first time I tried anal masturbation was shortly after I got my first vibrator, a purple behemoth that was likely made from jelly. I wanted to try anal insertion in the shower, so snuck it in the bathroom without my roommate seeing. I don’t know if I even owned lube at the time, and I certainly didn’t realize that jelly toys shouldn’t be swapped between orifices like that. In hindsight, it’s embarrassing but also a testament to my willingness to experiment.

I used those toys when I masturbated vociferously over the phone with my fiance (a naturally leap from our previous cyber sex) with whom I had partnered sex for the first time. He was also the first person I masturbated in front of, both on purpose and accidentally.

I was living overseas when I masturbated in public for the first time. Although, it was a limited definition of “public.” I was in the very last row of an otherwise empty bus and quickly rubbed one out through my jeans. I would not do that again.

The first time I squirted was during masturbation. My then-husband was deployed once more, and I was alone. I had inserted Ophoria’s K-balls and pressed a vibrator (the Miracle Massager). against them. This created intense G-spot stimulated thanks to the size of the balls. And the inner balls bounced around as the K-balls vibrated.

I remember the first time that I cried during masturbation. Things had recently ended with The Bartender. Every time I masturbated, I missed him and our amazing sex. I wasn’t ready to be back to doing it solo. I would often come or ejaculate and sometimes cry. I also recall the first time that I cried during masturbation that didn’t make me feel distressed. I was using the Unicorn dildo, and it seemed to pull an emotional catharsis as well as ejaculate out of me.

More recently, I tried my hand at bringing myself to orgasm as many times as possible in a single session (I typically advise that the number of orgasms doesn’t count). I typically get off three or so times during any session but this time, I wasn’t going to call it quits until I actually couldn’t stand it anymore. I had ten or eleven orgasms before the muscles in my forearm were sore and stiff and needed relief.

It was only several months ago when I used my right hand to masturbate for the first time. It had taken me over thirty years to try it, mostly because I am so laterally-handed. Since then, I’ve tried right-handed masturbating a few more time, but I will never be an ambidextrous masturbator.

I am an avid fan of masturbating. Whether single or in a relationship. In fact, I might even jerk off more when I have someone to send sexy messages to or with whom to have phone sex.

At any given time, I’d prefer to masturbate over having sex if I am unsure of the quality of the sex. If I was positive that partner play would be satisfying, I would prefer it. I occasionally miss a sensual or erotic massage where my partner lightly tickles my upper back. But having sex for the sake of having sex? Doesn’t cut it. I am not so enthralled by novelty that it’s enough to make up for the quality of sex that most straight guys seem to bring to the table.

In fact, I am not really swayed by novelty much at all at this point in my life. Although people like Epiphora have discussed how sex toy reviewers must sometimes force ourselves to use subpar toys when we’ve rather be playing with anything than else, I mean something more than that. More often than not, I do not want to use any toy. I started an orgasm spreadsheet earlier this year, which is now collecting dust because I almost always rub on out manually through my underwear, usually getting off two or three times. It’s so routine. I certainly don’t want to use multiple toys. It all just sounds like so much work.

Of course, I do try new toys and partners. I do sometimes crave toys specifically — often only to realize they have dead batteries because it’s been so long since I last reached for them. I do wonder whether another person or another toy can do it better. I usually write about them on this blog. I wouldn’t be much of a sex toy reviewer if I didn’t!

But sometimes it’s nice to return to my old standby. To get off without needing to prepare or worry about a partner’s pleasure. And isn’t the one of the great joys of masturbating?

This is a sponsored post but all words are my own.

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Sex Toy Sales + Coupons

April 28th, 2018

Below you’ll find the best deals on sex toys from all the shops that I work with and support. I’ll earn a commission if you click and shop. Thanks for supporting me!

Check back frequently for new sales on sex toys, lingerie and BDSM goodies — not to mention freebies!

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Learn Something New About Sex Toys Today

December 22nd, 2016

It’s no mystery that sex toys are something I love, and that’s a love that I try to share with others, both through this blog and in my offline life. Sex toys have enabled me to climax easier, squirt, have fun with partners and discover new erogenous zones, among other benefits. Sex toys = good.

When you’re as experienced with sex toys as a reviewer like myself can be, you can forget that once sex toys were new. This meant the entire concept was novel and exciting. And to some people, the entire thing is intimidating or confusing.

I’m not the only person to write guides to choosing sex toys, navigating materials and playing safely. In fact, I may not even have done the best job at those tasks. Many retailers off in-depth guides that make it easier to search for toys, whether you’re searching for yourself or for someone on your list. The result? Better-informed shoppers who will stand the best chance at liking their orders and shopping again, duh.

Lyps Complete Toy Guide, for example, not only points you in the direction of the best toys for your body and your relationship; the site also discusses sex toy materials, safety and cleaning.

In twelve chapters, the guide walks buyers through everything technical and personal they’ll need to know about buying and using sex toys, including general masturbation tips. You’ll find charts and statistics about everything sex toy related. Not too shabby if you’re set on learning everything – and why wouldn’t you be? If you just need to brush on something that you’ve forgotten, such as lube compatibility, then this guide has you covered, too.


One of the things about the Lyps guide that I really like is that they recommend other online retailers because it’s more important for the guide to be useful than it is for it to be exclusive, and that’s a rare thing to find these days. Communication and cooperation between retailers, manufacturers and bloggers, of course, is the only way to spread information — and accurate information at that.

It’s all too easy to think you know it all or forget the little details or basic information that comes easily to a veteran blogger but might be crucial to a toy newbie who hasn’t found their stride, so part of providing useful information is listening to what others have to say and responding in kind.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet, check out the Lyps sex toy guide as well as the articles on Of Sex and Love. Got a question or thought? Sound off in the comments. I’d love to teach you something new or, better yet, learn something new myself!


Veteran’s Day Sales at SheVibe

November 12th, 2015

I’ve been quiet for a while, but I couldn’t help but pipe up when I got today’s email with SheVibe’s Veterans Day sales. Now, technically, there aren’t one-day only sales, but that’s good if you’re waiting on payday! Most of these ends November 24th, so you’ve got almost two weeks to make your purchases.

Any purchases through my links will help me pay hosting and domain bills through affiliate commissions. Thanks for your continued support!


Labor Day Sex Toy Sales

September 5th, 2015

My posts may have been slow, but I’m two days early with this one. So go me.. or something!

Babeland is offering 20% off and free shipping, which means you get a lot of bang for your buck. You can get a Minna Limon for $95 (review), the Boss vibe for $55 (review) or the Mona 2 for $111 (read my review).  I enjoy all of these toys, and you won’t find cheaper prices!

There are also a couple new items that I’ve yet had a chance to try, and maybe the same is true for you!

Use code 20VIPS9 for the savings until September 7th!

Babeland Labor Day Sale


Add some lingerie to your collection or replace your entire sexy wardrobe without breaking the bank. Stop over to Frederick’s of Hollywood to take An Additional 40% Off Clearance using code LaborDay40! This sale ends tonight! You can also save 20% on with code FRED20OFF. Ends 9.8

Adam & Eve coupons are always a little tricky because of exclusions, but you might be happy to know you can  Save $20 Off $40 at Adam & Eve this Labor Day with Code LABORDAY (Ends 9/8).  This doesn’t cover most of the high-value items (Lelo, Fun Factory, Minna, et cetera).  However, you can get also get $20 off any order of $40 or more with free shipping without any code.


Bluebella Lingerie Lara Brief

Bluebella Lingerie Lara Brief

Lovehoney has some great sales right now, especially on lingerie!

No code is needed for any of these sales! You can also get 20% off when you spend $20 or more, including these already sale-priced pieces! That means you can get 5 panties for under $20 excluding shipping!

This is also a great deal for anything you might want that’s under $100. Layaspot is just over $42. Try the Luna Beads Noir for just $31.19. The Fun Factory Stronic Eins might be the cheapest at $155, too! Or check out the gorgeous Vixen Mustang in Royale Purple for just $112. Check out my review for the large Lockable Sex Toy Case. If you want it, it’s only $34 on Lovehoney. Save $12 on the Bettie Page Spanking Paddle, too (review in this post).

I’ll be keeping my eye open for other sales that are particularly good and adding them to this post! Let me know what you pick up in the comments!


2014: The Best Of

December 29th, 2014

Another year. Another couple dozen reviews of sex toys. There were fewer this year than the last. This might be due to me having more sex. Or perhaps there were fewer toys that I really loved.

In fact, while populating this list, I worried I wouldn’t have enough best-ofs. I suppose that’s bound to happen, and I might accept the blame of trying out some toys that wouldn’t work well for me if I had looked past the shiny and read the small print. Oops.

But, there’s definitely some toys I would recommend, so here they are!


Svakom is an up-and-coming company. I had a hit-or-miss relationship with the toys they send to review, but Leslie is a self-heating vibrator with respectable power output.

Minna’s Limon took me quite by surprise, quickly becoming one of the most intuitve vibrators I’ve ever used.

I also quite like Ora 2, but it’s the stuff it does besides vibrating that does it for me.

ceramix 5 and 6

Ceramix 5 (right) left a surprising impression


2014 was light on dildos. I only tried a couple, and both of those were from Pipedream’s Ceramix line. Ultimately, I preferred #5!


Move over 50 Shades of Grey. Wrapped Around Your Finger is actually a book worth reading, and there are more in the series!

Sexual Non-Fiction

I’m technically a year behind and I didn’t even write a review for Best Sex Writing 2012 (I did write a review for the next year’s). But I think it might be the best in the series and you’re missing out if you don’t check it out.


The Bettie Page Spanking Paddle is manufacturer by Lovehoney and full of the details you’d want while offering a sexy spanking.


Designed Intimates sent me quite a lot of lingerie to review. I especially enjoyed the Charming chemise and thong.

Bath and Body Product

SheVibe let me try the Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub With Pheromones. It’s slippery but smells great and works well. It’s been a nice addition to my shower routine!


Lovehoney is rocking 2014’s list. They also made the Deluxe Sex Toy Case, which is probably my all-time favorite option for sex toy storage!

As always, I recommend the best toys from years past. Check out my list of 5-star sex toys!

Don’t forget to let us know about what you loved in the comments.

Have a good new year. I plan to!


#BlackFriday Sex Toy Sales!

November 28th, 2014

There’s no need to wait to treat yourself to an awesome new vibrator, dildo, erotic anthology or BDSM gear. I’ve gathered up information about all the awesome Black Friday sales for you to check out in one place! The following details all the general sales and some of the best places to get my favorite toys, which I know you’ll love, too!


  • Save 10% off $75+ with code Turkey10
  • Save 15% off $100 with code Turkey15
  • Save $20 off $125 with code Turkey20
  • Save up to 50% on Lingerie — no code needed!

What will that get you? Mona 2 for $110.50 and the  L1 stone dildo for less than $90. You don’t want to miss this one! $112.50 will also get a Fucking Sculpture in your hand! The original Mimi and Mimi Soft touch are both available, too!

Shop now!

Adam & Eve

50% off A Single Item with Code: EEANBF50. Some exclusions do apply. It doesn’t seem to count for Lelo, Fun Factory or Jimmyjane items.Some items have a maximum discount of 10% or 25% for some reason. This is a great time to get shaving and body products, massage oils and lube, however!



Jimmyjane Form 6 Black Friday Sale at Babeland

Jimmyjane Form 6


Save 25% off Jimmjyane toys including:

Use code JJLuxe when checking out!


Save 20% on anything, no minimum with code 20BF14! This affiliate store has a lot of hard to find items that I love, including the Delight (~87), Stronic Eins (~160), Siri (83.5) and the Big Boss (104).

You can also find Svakom’s Leslie for under $120. Few retailers carry this brand, so it’s a steal!

Plus, vendors sell the entire Ceramix line!

Check out the store front for a list of some of my favorite items, including shave cream, aftershave oil and vibes!

Fredericks of Hollywood

250x250Good Vibes

Save 25% with code FF254U. Psst, get Mona 2 for $104, Siri for $74.75, Minna Limon for $85.25 or Comet II for $64! The Magic Wand Original is just over $40, too! You’ll also get a good deal on the Stronic Eins for less than $150. Plus, Good Vibes has plenty Vixen toys, and you all know how much I love those!

I didnt love the Mimi, but you can get the original but under $79 and the new Soft version for $70.30.

Finally, pick up the Big Boss for under $98!


Lovehoney is great for my international readers because they have both Lovehoney UK and an Australian site! Every site offers $25 off once you reach a minimum. For us Americans, it’s $80. Might I suggest you pick up the Lockable Toy Case? Or how about the Bettie Page Picture Perfect Spanking Paddle? Add on an Under the Bed Restraint kit for much fun! The Stronic Eins is cheapest at Lovehoney! They’re also selling the Form 6 for $131.


Shop the latest Bondage Special Offers at Lovehoney.com



Check out their lingerie Black Friday sale. Some it’s it’s 80% off; although, much of it is between 40% and 60% off!


Designer Intimates

I’ll be writing up a huge review for an entire box of stuff in the future, but you can save 30% with code Thanks30 right now. What do I recommend?

You’re going to find a lot of similar lists, but I hope this helps you if you have similar tastes or want a few things that aren’t the Mona 2! LOL Every link you click is an affiliate link that will provide me with a commission, and you won’t believe how grateful I am! Thank you!