JO Hair Reduction Serum

December 4th, 2014

Shame and exhaustion are the two things I feel when I think about how much time I must spend removing hair or even just thinking about it. I am not a fortunate person with wispy blonde hairs. I have dark, coarse hair. The older I get, the more I have. I shave practically every part of my body to deal with these hairs, save for my arms. This is the one place on my body where it doesn’t seem like a cardinal sin to have hair.

I settled on shaving because it’s the compromise between expensive salon waxing or even more expensive hair removal and touchable skin. I’ve tried any number of at-home creams and waxes, none to much success. Coarse hair isn’t so easily dealt with when it comes to those chemicals. Tweezing works well, but the only epilator I’ve managed to use wasn’t very good, either. Shaving it is.

And it becomes quite quick once you get a routine. There are places I won’t go without shaving every day. Those are the places where women don’t even talk about having hair. I’m less worried about places where it’s “okay” to shave because we shouldn’t have hair there — legs, underarms, pubic region, thighs. Those areas are truly the least of my worries.

With so much hair to worry about, I’ve thought about ways to complement shaving or even permanently remove hair. Since laser removal is out of the question, I started considering creams that would help with hair. I’ve seen a few reviews about products designed to slow growth, make hair more fine and reduce the necessity to shave. I was hoping that some of those more obvious areas that I hide shaving would react well to System Jo’s Hair Reduction Serum, then.

To put it bluntly: it didn’t. After weeks of daily application — you’re supposed to put on the lotion after you remove hair. It says it works with “all” hair removal types but only listings shaving and waxing. Um, okay, then.

It might have even been over a month, and I’ve noticed nothing. All the places I was shaving on a daily basis still require daily shaving. The hair is no less dark or thick. Stubble feels exactly the same.

I mean, i guess it’s a good thing there are no negative reactions. The thin lotion has a light scent, like just a hint of vanilla, and it causes no ill reactions. It seems to moisturize and doesn’t add to any discomfort of shaving sensitive areas, but it also doesn’t do much of anything, either.

I really wish this product worked better — at all? — than it does because I so enjoy the scent. There’s no reason to continue buying it once I run out, however, because I’ve got plenty of scented lotions, and who needs an extra product? I’m still interested in lotions like this, but System Jo’s option isn’t it.

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Wanna Be Naked Intimate Shave Creme

February 29th, 2012

The last pink cupcake-scented product I received from Classic Erotica was their shaving cream. Classic Erotica also makes the famous Coochy cream, which I’ve used and liked so I expected a similar experience with this product. To begin, I love the smell. It smells the same as everything else in the line and makes me shower time very pleasant. It doesn’t really stick on my hands because I use a few lotions after the shower, but using the lotion after shaving with the cream definitely prolongs the smell.

Like the rest of the products, the labels explains that the shaving creaming is:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Made in USA
  • Not Animal-Tested

The cream comes in a plastic pump bottle that has a cap and locks. Handy. The pump isn’t very high on these bottles and while it doesn’t impede function, it bothers me on some level. The height is just awkward enough that the shelf in my shower doesn’t allow me to pump it, so I have to pick it up and use both hands.

The texture of this shaving cream is quite thin and that’s not a good thing. I find that I wind up reapplying at least once when I use it, because the water of my shower rinses it away. I adjust the shower head so it doesn’t hit me directly when I shave; however, this is not good enough and the cream rinses down the drain. This is definitely annoying and a thicker formula would solve the problem.

The cream isn’t as slick as some that I’ve used. I don’t need super slick shaving cream for most areas and it can make it difficult to hold a razor. I do get a closer shave than the Pure Romance cream I was previously using. It doesn’t feel as good in the shower but after? After my shower, my skins feels pretty smooth and incredibly soft. I rather enjoy the feeling after I shave and it feels closer, once I dry my skin, than in the shower. I achieved a damned near perfect shave the other day and couldn’t stop feeling my legs.

I recently acquired a new Schick Hydro Silk, which I like quite a bit. Together, I am quite happy with the results but my legs are still itchy after I use this to shave. That was something I never experienced in the past but has been pretty common in the recent years. I always apply a layer of lotion after I shave, so it’s not a deal-breaker. I haven’t experienced any major irritation or bumps with this shaving cream. In fact, I tried my new razor without it and did wind up with some unfortunate razor burn. I do still apply a layer of Monistat chafe relieving cream to my super-sensitive inner thighs after I shave them.

I would use this product again, were the price right and it is cheaper than many of the shaving creams sold specifically for intimate areas.


Inttimo Kitty Shave Kreme

June 19th, 2009

There is something so uniquely feminine about smooth, hairless skin. It’s also rather unnatural. Let’s face it, there’s an entire booming industry revolving around hair removal, whether done at home or professionally and, judging from the prices we pay, it must be pretty lucrative. So even though it might not be as efficient or long lasting, I’ll save a buck or two and shave at home which is exactly why I need a product like Inttimo Kitty Shave Kreme, espeically when shaving the more sensitive bits.

Inttimo Kitty Shave Kreme comes in a hefty 8.8 Oz bottle with cap. I love the cap because travel and storage are infinitely less messy and, because it’s not aerosol, every drop of shave cream is usable. It’s definitely a bigger bottle than most shave creams but it costs quite a bit more per ounce too, too. The Inttimo Kitty Shave Kreme I have comes in Fobidden Fruit scent. It’s a little fruity but smells a bit like chemicals too. The scent isn’t very strong so if you’re not a fan, it probably won’t phase you unless you’re making a point to smell this shave cream.

I just shaved my legs on my first run through to gel a feel for this product. Although a very light pink in the pump bottle (which was safety sealed when it arrived), it goes on clear. This creamy gel is thicker than some I’ve tried so it doesn’t wash off as quickly. During use, I couldn’t smell the scent at all; it didn’t permeate the scent of my body wash and I don’t think anyone who uses any scented bath products will notice the smell. Wet could afford to make this shave cream smell a little better and stronger.

Maybe I’m the odd one out in this, but my bikini line and thighs, not bikini area, are the most sensitive I shave, hands down. Irritation, razor bumps and infections are issues I know all too well when shaving above the knee, probably because my nicely rounded thighs spend a lot of time rubbing against one another or my pants. Originally, I shaved this area with the same shaving gel I bought for my legs but it really wasn’t doing the trick. Eventually, I bought some Coochy Cream as it was highly recommended and it did a decent job – I was definitely less irritated – but wasn’t perfect. I’ve also had some success with Binkini Zone shave gel, which is what I had on hand for comparison.

To test out Inttimo Kitty Shave Kreme, I decided to shave one thigh with Bikini Zone and the other with Inttimo Kitty Shave Kreme for a side by side – or thigh by thigh – comparison. A couple pumps of shave cream on my skin and I was off. Although less slick than the Bikini Zone, Inttimo Kitty Shave Kreme held its own and held up during shaving and rinsing. I actually preferred the thicker formula because it didn’t wash away right away and I like to apply shave cream only at the beginning and I’m less likely to add more even if it rinses away.

In the end, the closeness of the shave I got was about the same. My skin felt a little softer on the thigh where I’d used Inttimo Kitty Shave Kreme but it wasn’t really noticeable. I didn’t experience any razor bumps or irritation on either thigh which is remarkable because I’m pretty sure that’s the first time ever. It’s almost as though the products were competing to win me over.

Really, they both did equally well. One difference I noticed is that my shower floor felt more slippery when I used Inttimo Kitty Shave Kreme but I don’t have a shower mat, anyway. I did prefer the thickness and staying power of the Kitty Kreme, though. I’m still not sure I’d want to spend so much on one bottle, even if it is a nice product.