The Ins and Outs of Female Masutrbation

June 9th, 2009

It’s been a while since my last article and I apologize. Inspiration is sometimes fleeting. Also, I admit it: I think the title is pretty clever.

In one of my previous articles, I touched on just how unknown female sexuality is to males and females alike. Female masturbation is a sometimes overlooked aspect of female sexuality and although I like to consider myself somewhat enlightened about sex, much of the world is is still in the dark about the subject.

While some of us are avid connoisseurs have been masturbating for what seems like a lifetime, there are a few who aren’t even aware that, yes, females can masturbate. Some women stimulate themselves without even realize what they’re doing. It’s likely that some of those ladies are the ones who don’t know females can masturbate.

Heads up!

Females can masturbate. Without exploration, some women would never know about these powerful little buttons which can be so key so sexual pleasure. We can touch ourselves or use objects like vibrators or even pillows or teddy bears to make ourselves feel good. And you may have been doing it since you were just a little girl, developing you masturbatory style subconsciously. Many times, these styles focus on one external sweet spot, as opposed to internal stimulation: the clitoris.

Unfortunately, the clitoris isn’t really stimulated during sex, without making a point of it. Sex doesn’t simulate masturbation. Nor does masturbation tend to simulate sex (although some females focus on internal masturbation, the clitoris usually takes center stage). This leaves all parties involved confused as to just how get a woman off. The media portrays men as having not a clue and, in order to perform well, they need instructions like the secret book in American Pie. Unfortunately, it’s not just the men who don’t understand their partners; females have just as difficult time understanding their own bodies and the masturbation techniques which can work best for them.

The fact of it is, male masturbation is pretty obvious. It’s easy to simulate intercourse and it works. That’s not to say that it can’t be expanded upon but it doesn’t need to be and there’s a lot less grey area. Female masturbation, on the other hand, isn’t always so cut and dry. Mimicking intercourse doesn’t necessarily cut it for a lot of women, yet that is the accepted expectation. Although it seems like that are a lot more variations to female masturbation, it may take more work to uncover them than with male masturbation.

Female Masturbation
I wonder just what she’s doing?

The aforementioned teddy bears and pillows are high on the list of what a young girl may have used to masturbate. I preferred a blanket and never considered using my stuffed animals for such intimate matters but I was apart of the humping school of thought. Sometimes I gravitate back toward the ol’ blanket method, balled up between my legs, but these days I also find a lover’s thigh or even face make wonderful humping instruments as well – and away I grind – for humping involves a lot of hip.

Of course, like males, we also have built in masturbate toys: our hands. Using a palm for diffuse pressure or fingers to stroke, tap, pinch and rub provide various methods of stimulation. Another popular selling point of fingers any hands are that they’re super portable; if you dare it, you can masturbate just about anywhere.

Another group of female masturbators have come to love water play. Whether it’s the spray of a removable shower head or the flow of a tub faucet, women have been using water to creatively stimulate genitals for who-knows-how-long. And what better place to get dirty than when cleaning up privately, in the bathroom?

Another popular method of masturbation (which is not just limited to the vaginally-enabled like) is thigh and muscles squeezing. Although I could never get off from squeezing my thighs alone, I recall doing so whilst sitting in class, prompting arousal while no one else was none the wiser. Some believe that squeezing thighs muscles indirectly stimulates the clitoris but I personally felt arousal within – it was G-spot stimulation. This could be a result of squeezing PC muscles (subconsciously) along with thighs muscles.

I would not pretend that internal stimulation isn’t pleasurable for many women, because it is, and I know I wasn’t the only girl who experimented with a taper candle. Honestly, the jokes about bananas, cucumbers and hot dogs did have to start somewhere. They’re just a sampling of the objects girls have perverted into makeshift dildos and almost anything with a handle can work: brushes, lint rollers, ice cream scoops, razors and flashlights all serve nefarious purposes that some would never suspect. But while others were discovering which buttons to press vaginally, I soon found myself traveling a different road.

Let us not forget the ever popular vibrator. Internal, external, dual stimulators (and sometimes more) are staples in many a nightstand. While I would never presume to downplay the significance of these instruments, as many women who have been sexual frustrated have finally found release through mechanical friends, it is usually not the first step in our natural progression of masturbation. At least, I find myself using vibrators (and dildos) in ways that can be used similarly to how I masturbated without toys.

This article by no means covers every method of female masturbation. I knew of a women who would lean forward, one leg in front, while she ground her clit against her heel. Women have been enjoying the vibrations of household appliances (spin cycle, anyone?) for years. Many women are turned on and can achieve orgasm through the seam of their jeans rubbing against their vulva. And masturbation is not limited to genitals, alone. I would hazard a guess that nearly all body parts can be stimulated to produce orgasm.

Female masturbation is still a more taboo subject than its male counterpart which is unfortunate because even the tip of this iceberg is more vast than some male masturbation routines ever will be. I can personally attest to the merits of every method listed, even if I prefer some over the others and I invite all women to do so because masturbation is healthy.

21 Comments to “The Ins and Outs of Female Masutrbation”

  • Pooky says:

    Thank you for nice and nteresting articles. For my opinion, masturbation is nature of human and it is healthy sex for ladies. Sometimes, it is sound so loneky to do it by yourself only. If you find your right lover and enjoy together, it is your luck. But if not, mastubation is the best way to help ladies like us.

    • AdonicWoman says:

      This kind of crap is the very stuff that makes men just throw their hands up in absolute defeat. Women are NOT that complicated!!!! Masturbation is an absolute and we absolutely KNOW when we are doing it. The notion that we dont somehow makes me think I am the only woman on earth that got it and got it plain and simple right off the bat. Stop scaring men with this crap.

      • Adriana says:

        I don’t even know where to start with the kind of crap your comment includes. Needless to say, this drivel is the stuff that makes women throw up their hands in defeat and accept the fact that they’re defective when that is absolutely not the case.

        So tell me where I went wrong. Is it that masturbation for women tends to involve more styles or stimulation or organs than for their male counterparts? Nope. Is it that some women have been masturbating for years without realizing it? Nope. I was one of those. Is it that it can take more experimentation for women to experience pleasure or orgasm than it typically does for men? Not that either.

        Quite frankly, I think you might just be the only woman that got it plain and simple right off the bat. Congratulations on your body being so cooperative. I know mine’s not.

        Stop scaring women with your crap. (=

        • AdonicWoman says:

          LOL My post obviously touched the most responsive nerve in your body. I maintain this article is crap and only serves to confuse and frustrate men and scare the hell out of women just coming into their own body knowledge. Stop scaring EVERYBODY with your crap. =P

          • Adriana says:

            Judging from the loads of comments I have, written in frightful tears, you must be right. It couldn’t be that a woman or perhaps even a girl might feel reassured that what she’s doing is natural or get some new ideas. Nope. Must be amazing to be infallible!

  • AdonicWoman says:

    Maybe if you are writing your posts while in the emotional duress and distress you say you are, you might want to seek some help, and THEN come back and write an article from a place of knowledge and authority rather than confusion and fear, especially since this information is available to everyone. Sex shouldnt be frightful as you have suggested in your last comment.

    • Adriana says:

      You are awesome at missing the point! I’d put that on your resume.

      Also, I just realized how you misread my previous comment to you. Maybe you need glasses (and that’s why you misunderstood the original post)?

    • Juliettia says:

      Wow, way to try and invoke a sense of accomplishment in yourself in your quest to look like a complete twat-face.

  • Excellent article.

    that it can’t be expanded upon but it doesn’t need to be

    As a male I disagree with this slightly I believe every male should expand on their basic masturbation techniques both for their own pleasure and their partners pleasure. For example, I’ve learned how to have non-ejaculatory orgasms; being multi-orgasmic has increased my pleasure exponential and the benefits of having that degree of bodily control in love making is obvious. True, we don’t need to expand on it to learn how to orgasm and feel good but leaving it at that in my opinion sets the bar too low and encourages complacency

    • Adriana says:

      I do see your point, though I would argue that many do become “complacent” not as a means of settling but just because they’ve already reached a point of immense pleasure. You’re not alone in expanding your horizons but there’s also a large group of people who feel “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” regarding masturbation (and even sex in general).

      Edited to add

      But the key part of the sentence is that there is less grey area.

  • Ashe says:

    hey AdonicWoman…. You’re an idiot.

    [editor comment]
    For the sake of fairness, I’ve published this comment.

    • AdonicWoman says:

      Hey Ashe whats wrong you having twat problems too? Adrianna can help with YOUR resume on that one. Since Im guessing Adrianna is the editor this comment might dissapear. Ashe you’re a twisted frigid ass.

      • Adriana says:

        You will see, that for the sake of fairness, I have published all your ignorant comments. I appreciate that you disagree with something I haven’t even written here and will ask you to kindly just stop commenting if you have nothing productive to add.

    • Fortunado says:

      Gotta say, as a male, Ashe…..Adriana…. get over it. You two sound like 12 year olds fighting puberty. You got a pussy…. deal with it. My babe is not compliated with issues like you. Get help. For you and the hapless men or women that come into your scarey frightful crotch region.

      • Adriana says:

        I’m not sure what you guys are reading but it’s not this post. LOL You will see that I have clearly stated that some women do find masturbation and self discovery confusing and complicated. Yes, it can be scary, especially if they’ve been told that it is something they shouldn’t be doing (or haven’t been told anything at all!). And the point of this article is to specifically enlighten those women (and perhaps even their partners or the world at large) so that fog of mystery can be lifted and they can breath easier, not to put fear into them. I find that such a stretch, I really do. I’m not sure what’s so offensive about an article which basically lists styles of female masturbation. Unless you’re somehow offended by the idea that females masturbate which, once more, only enforces my idea that people like you are the ones who make them afraid.

        As I asked AdonicWoman, I would much appreciate if you get out of my comments, now.

  • Ashe says:

    a twisted frigid ass? who calls someone that? my “twat” is just fine but thank you for asking.. as fr my resume that is just fine as well. Adrianna would be the editor due to the fact it IS her site/blog.

    your still an idiot kthxbai

  • Red says:

    wow…what an “offensive” article. I mean, gosh, how DARE you list a bunch of ways women are known to masturbate. You’ve clearly forgotten that we’re just supposed to lie back, think of england, and explode on cue…

    (tongue planted FIRMLY in cheek)

    The negativity in the comments over such an innocent post is a little mind boggling. Isn’t it easy to throw barbs from afar behind the animosity of the internet…

    Wish I could have read a post like this circa age 16 or so. I didn’t have my first orgasm till I was 17 and thought I was completely broken because I couldn’t make it happen with casual touching. It was the bathroom faucet that finally sent me over the edge, and I’ve never looked back.

    • Adriana says:

      Your comment made me laugh! Perfect thing to see as soon as I log on. I was just floored at how offended she was that others mgiht have a different experience that she took one or two lines of the article that weren’t even the focus, mind you, and bitched about them in a series of comments to me and others. Wow!

  • Mrs. Itazura says:

    WOW… just.. wow. There is never a need for that kind of attitude! I am amazed what people think is acceptable. I would like to know how gains that kind of sense of entitlement so I can avoid it!

    I read this article when it first was posted (and before the comments were posted to it!) and I actually appreciated it for the inclusiveness of it. I masturbated for years as a girl before I knew what it was, I just knew it was something that felt good.

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