“Thrill?” That’s quite the advertisement.

November 16th, 2012

I’m sure that you’re all sick of me whining about my want for the new We Vibe toy, the thrill. It’s the first toy that the company has released that is advertises specifically for solo play. Although the Tango and the Salsa don’t specifically require a partner, the Thrill is there for a woman’s pleasure — unless you wanted to try it anally, which I wouldn’t. Once upon a time, I was all about those type is  vibrators. The pages on Of Sex and Love include more reviews for them than I can count. If it was vaguely c-shaped, it was in my vagina.

Unfortunately, so few of them worked for me. I only liked the Rock Chick sometimes. Dr Berman’s offering was pathetic to say the least. The Mini G-rock lacked both the pressure and power that I required. Even the original We Vibe wasn’t good for grinding and movement the way I liked it. Perhaps that’s why I am so curious about the Thrill. It’s from a company that I know makes vibes that are about as powerful as you’re going to get without plugging them in. It’s flexible but has a handle that means I maybe won’t have to kill my hands while using it.

Even though the vibe itself offends my personal sense of aesthetics, I’ll probably wind up getting it. In fact, I’ll probably wind up spending my own money (or gift cards) on it. Gasp! I just hope it won’t land itself in the list of toys I’ve used that I drooled over for months or even years only to find out that aside from some slick advertising or a few nice curves, the toy just doesn’t cut it for me. The reviews for the Thrill are all so positive, but I’ve never been one that’s easy to please — just ask my ex-husband!

I wouldn’t fault anyone who wanted to provide me with one for testing purposes, though!

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  • Kira says:

    NO! Don’t get it. The clit portion is so weak you can barely feel it. The internal portion is nice and rumbly, but nowhere near as strong as Salsa and Tango. Also it’s made of the same silicone as the We Vibe which I find is so draggy that it’s uncomfortable. Save yourself the money.

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