A Toy A Day #3: Lelo Mia

September 7th, 2016

I recently took a look at my nightstand and realized that there were dozens of toys that I neglect. Not only should I use them more, but I should use them at all. Even my favorites have been collecting dust as of late. More often than not, I use toys only to review them and stick to manual stimulation when I want to get off because it’s quicker and more convenient.

There’s nothing wrong with this per se, but I do feel as though my sexuality isn’t completely integrated with the rest of my life lately. And it’s not just because I am perpetually single.

Regardless, I can change the situation with my sex toys. So as summer winds down, batteries will be recharged, and I will work my way through the draw. I expect to remember how much I loved some toys, be disappointed with those that I have grown apart from and be surprised by toys that has finally won me over.

I plan to detail this attempt in a little project called A Toy A Day.

Lelo’s Mia was one of the first USB-rechargeable toys I tried, and it’s one of the few that plug directly into your USB port. In practice, I found this less useful than in theory; although, I now have enough adapters that I can just stick the toy in one of them to charge rather than my laptop. It seems like desktop users would find the design more practical.

Because there’s a cap that hides the USB dongle, the toy feels cheaper than most Lelo toys. I tend to almost bend certain clitoral toys, Mia included. I can feel the cap shifting in my grip. The cap seems like it’ll come off or even become malformed after some time.

While Mia is surprisingly powerful for its size, it’s nowhere as rumbly as We-Vibe Tango. Neither of the toys is as rounded as I’d like; although you can choose to use the rounded or more angled side of the Mia if you’re okay using the capped end.

I find myself enjoying it, but it quickly becomes buzzy and annoying because the shape it off. I can’t get the sort of pressure or stimulation that I enjoy, so I opt for something stronger and more appropriately shaped.

Mia is relatively quiet and would be good for some people for travel, but it’s not going to provide me with consistent orgasms.

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