January 18th, 2010


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I am a girl who loves pressure. Masturbation sessions which end with cramped fingers that can barely move are no strange in this house, sadly, and toys that are broad enough to press against my body with ease are rare. Small egg style vibes don’t have a lot of room for my fingers (so they still cramp), traditional vibes aren’t broad and it can be difficult to get quite the pressure I need from rabbits without detracting from internal stimulation. All of these reasons attracted me to Tuyo, a spherical massager which would certainly be broad enough and easy to hold (and press) for me. Mediocre reviews left me doubtful but I finally took the plunge and purchased one for myself right before Christmas.

Tuyo is packaged in a sleek black box and is actually housed inside another black storage box. The storage box is lined inside with pretty, purple satin material and the outside even seems to be lined with a similar material in black. On top, there is glued a small plaque with the Big Teaze Toys logo. The Tuyo looks elegant sitting in the cushy material when the lid is flipped open. The inside of the lid is lined in line purple as well, with the Big Teaze Toys logo printed on it in black. While the appearance is impressive, this box does take up much more room than the vibrator alone, which measures in at 5″ x 5″ x 3.5″. If space is not an issue or you want to present the Tuyo as a gift, the box is wonderful but I’m not sure if Tuyo will stay in it.

Tuyo is made of hard plastic with a silicone band wrapping around the center, both in black. The band has some give and slight texture which can help in grasping Tuyo. There are thin silver borders on either side of the silicone band and also around the button on top which could be metal or plastic. For the most part, these details do not create and crevices, except around the button (which isn’t directly pressed to the body anyway). The button sits directly on top, whereas I press the bottom 1/3 against myself. The only mark on the bottom 1/3 is a printed logo that is not discernible by touch.

At first, I struggled with the battery compartment. The top portion of the Tuyo unscrews slightly to allow you to insert 3 AAA batteries. However, there aren’t any finger indentations which would make it easier to take off. When it comes to replacing it, there are also no indicators to line up the pieces, which would be helpful. The batteries sit pretty tightly in the compartment but there is a ribbon which sits beneath them to assist in removal. Be careful of projectile batteries.

The round shape makes it incredibly easy to clean and, although it’s not waterproof, I washed it with soap and water without issue. There is no O-ring around the battery compartment but the unique cap seals well. The plastic could easily be sprayed with toy cleaner and a wipe would work as well. The silicone band does pick up a bit of lint.

It only took me about 30 seconds to realize that Tuyo is exactly what I require in terms of shape and size. It’s definitely bigger around than any toys I have with its 3″ diameter; my fingers are not long enough to wrap all the way around. However, this works really well to stimulate the entire vulva and I have plenty of room to grasp it, without squishing my fingers. It’s incredibly easy to press against myself without causing pain that other shapes can cause and, if it switches position, I needn’t worry. It’s still round on every side. I quickly found myself moving my hips against the Tuyo and orgasming.

It’s also incredibly easy to use. The button it about the size of my finger tip and makes an audible click when I turn it out. There does seem to be some slight lag after initially turning it on, however. There are 3 levels of steady vibration that are pretty diffuse; although they are centered toward the bottom of the toy. These are followed by a slow pulsation, a faster pulsation, a pulsation like a fast heartbeat, a fast-fast-fast-fast-slow pulsation and a throbbing pulsation. The settings are all really neat but I wouldn’t mind two buttons for back and forth options or even just a master power button because that’s 8 settings to cycle through and I find myself using the medium steady vibration most. The vibration is not super buzzy (it doesn’t tickle my hand), except on the highest level of steady vibration. It isn’t super deep either but, because of the awesome shape, I have to rely less on vibration to get off.

But my joy was overshadowed by something I could not ignore: the noise. Tuyo is easily the loudest toy I own. It beats for the Miracle Massager and Ideal hands down. It sounds like a fucking chainsaw. There is no way in hell I can use it if someone else were in my apartment and people outside my bedroom window or wall could probably still hear it even after I pulled the covers over myself to block some of the noise. And all on 3 AAA batteries. This is simply unacceptable.

Especially because this would become my go to vibrator (in place of Laya Spot) if only the noise were not an issue. I love the shape, the vibrations feel great (and I am usually not a fan of AAA), it’s easy to use and hold, has a solid feel and a comforting weight. It’s also versatile and could be used for body massage. It could be rolled or easily pushed across the skin, if that’s your thing. Even outside of its box, it doesn’t scream “vibrator” but.. and this is a big but, it’s so loud it’s just not practical to use.

The only thing I have left to say is this:

Big Teaze Toys, please make a Tuyo 2.0 which is quieter!

5 Comments to “Tuyo”

  • I clicked over here to comment on how much I love your reviews, but that I wished you would post pictures of the toy on your blog (obviously I can go to EF to see it, if I want).

    But! You *do* have a picture of the toy at the beginning of the post! For some reason, your photos don’t show up in your feed. I don’t know why that is, but I thought I’d let you know.

    • Adriana says:

      It’s because of how I have them set up. They’re not actually a part of the post but apart of the site and it really is the best way for me to neatly handle the information which appears on so many posts. I never actually considered the feed as I don’t use them myself so you’ll just have to deal ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Trix says:

    I admit that the round shape always looked counterintuitive to me, so it’s good to know that it works. The noise would be a dealbreaker, though!

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