November 28th, 2009

This is an archived post. Liberator no longer sells the Twist dildo, but the company does still offer dual-ended glass dildos.

The Twist is double ended glass dildo made by Liberator, a company well known for its sex furniture and pillows but not so well known for its other products. After using the Twist, there is only one word I can use in regards to this fact: Why?

Sheathed in a velvety, plush bag which is quite large – 14.5″ by 6.5″ or so – my first impression of the Twist was positive. Liberator has storage covered and so, would it seem, design. Out of the bag, is a wide, “S” shaped dildo with one side smooth and sleek with a bulbous end while the other is swirled and ribbed, the end straight. The glass is perfectly clear and, toward the middle, on the smooth end, Liberator is written in a pretty script. The white text is tangible to the fingers but does not easily scratch or chip (I know, I tried). With the curves, the piece measures 12.5″ at the widest point but is actually over 14″ long with a 1.5″ diameter on the swirled side. The smooth side is about .25″ thinner.

In use, the slight difference in size does not make as much difference as the texture does. I much prefer the ridges created by the swirls because of the friction, compared to the opposite end. In addition, the bulbous head didn’t stimulate my G-spot the way I like. However, I recognize this is only personal preference. If you’re not a fan of texture, then you may not be fond of this end. (It might be a better idea to look for smaller (and cheaper!) glass dildos which better fit your needs.) As is, my use heavily focuses on one side but I love that I have the ability to switch. It also adds an interesting element into play. Not only can you alternate between textures but you could warm one end and cool the other. The Twist responds well to temperature, like all glass. Even just switching from one end to the other (for the first time, during the session) can offer a noticeable difference in temperature.

If you’re familiar with glass, then you know several things about it. One is that the super smooth material is virtually frictionless so while you can use lube (any kind you desire), it’s much less necessary. Of course, this property is slightly negated on the swirled end so I would still proceed with caution. Caution is something I would advise whenever playing with such a rigid toy. One can easily bruise a cervix or pubic bone with over eager thrusts, especially with curved dildos such as the Twist. I find that gentle rocking is more appropriate and quite successful at stimulating my G-spot to squirt. Because of its rigidity, I also wouldn’t be eager to try this toy with a partner. It may work but it would be quite easy to do some damage to a body unintentionally.

Another important aspect of glass is its weight; while generally hefty enough to feel significant but not nearly as heavy as metal sex toys. I guess I am used to playing with metal because the Twist seems so light in my hands. I think this is due to how incredibly balanced it is. It’s nothing like rabbit vibes which are always heavier on one end (and I find this impedes use). In fact, I expected that wielding such a long piece would be difficult but it was anything but. My hands naturally found themselves toward the center rather than the end, grasping right under whichever curve was not inserted, a perfect handhold without slipping. I sometimes pulled up the end toward my clit but the curve wasn’t quite enough to reach. Oh well, my G-spot was still happy!

Of course, glass is easy to clean with soap and water – or can be soaked in a bleach solution, boiled or wiped with alcohol – and the Twist can be fully submerged (if it fits in your sink). It’s size isn’t especially discreet for moving between rooms or to store, even in its bag (which does collect lint) so it may not be ideal for all situations but, lucky for me, I needn’t worry about that. Its porous nature makes it more hygienic than many materials and the Twist will probably outlive me.

I wasn’t sure how much I’d like Twist by Liberator. I expected it to be difficult to use: it wasn’t. I expected I wouldn’t like it aesthetically as much because it’s clear and I am usually attracted to colours: I did. I thought my hands would slip during use: they didn’t. Liberator has crafted a G-spot dildo which is incredible to use, to look at, to maintain and to store. If this is an example of their products overall, consider me a convert!

A huge thanks to Liberator for letting me review this piece!

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