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September 4th, 2010

I love that Good Vibes allows reviewers to pick items for review or giveaways. This is totally awesome because I can be an active member of the review team, even if I do not personally want one of the items up for grabs. Of course, this also means that you, my precious reader, have the opportunity to try something new!

Sexy Suction CuffsSo I’m glad to offer up a pair of sexy suction cuffs to one of my lucky creative readers. All you have to do for this one is to leave me a comment with a short story involving these cuffs. It can be a realistic portrayal of how you would use them or a fantastic narrative that has absolutely no roots in reality. It’s up to you.

These cuffs are made of Neoprene and secure with velcro. The suction cups themselves are ABS plastic and have a diameter of 3 ¼” diameter . The cuffs measure 11” x 1 ¾”.

The Fine Print

  • Please keep the stories under the 200 word count limit
  • Only one story per person
  • You have one week to enter this contest
  • Earn up to 5 additional entries for Tweeting about this contest: Click to win Sexy Suction Cuffs from @GoodVibesSF and @adriana_r Ends 9/11
  • Earn 5 more entries by blogging about this giveaway. Link back to the post and, if you wish, your comment entry. You can repost your entry on your own blog!

22 Comments to “Super Sexy Sucking Here”

  • Craig W says:

    I’d like to stick these to the ceiling in my bedroom cuff my girlfriend over my bed and tease her in various ways

  • Jordan P says:

    These cuffs would be perfect for the exhibitionist in me. I’d love to be kissed and teased by my beau as he stealthily leads me towards the sliding glass window onto the porch. In a few fluid motions, I’d be cuffed and stuck to the solid glass pane. Then, in PG terms, he’d take me there, against the glass, bare for the world to see!

  • Juliettia says:

    A slash of cold water jolts her awake. The bright lights are almost blinding as she tries to look around the room. Tugging her arms a bit she looks up to see that her wrists are still connected to the wall with a pair of powerful suction cuffs.

    “It’s time.” he coos before turning the hose on in their dungeon basement. Subjected to ice cold water torture. This was her punishment for using all of the hot water during her bath earlier leaving him with nothing but cold for his shower.

    She shrieked as he arched water from the hose onto her body. He was toying with her, making the arches feel like huge raindrops.

    His laughter echoed against the walls only to be drowned out by her screams as he began the real punishment by turning the knob to a piercing and painful spray.

  • Juliettia says:


  • TarynsView says:

    Somehow, I can see these bringing out the inner-exhibitionist in me. In a hotel room, up against the big picture window, over-looking the lit city.

  • TarynsView says:


  • TarynsView says:

    9/9 tweet

  • TarynsView says:

    9/10 tweet

  • 9/9 tweet

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