Why Dona Pisses Me Off

April 10th, 2012

Since I do a lot of shopping online, I like to know as much as I can to determine that I actually want to buy what I’m looking at. I want to know about size and fit and strength, and I do not want to have to send something back, because shipping is inconvenient and frequently expensive. However, System Jo seems to want to make it harder than ever to shop. “How?” you ask. I’ll tell you. They come out with an entire line of products that uses descriptions that any normal consumer would think refer to their scents but, no, these are the aphrodisiacs with which each product is infused:

  • acai
  • blue lotus
  • camu camu
  • goji berry
  • mangosteen
  • pomegranate

Never mind the fact that aphrodisiacs are a bunch of BS or that the company’s official statement is to refuse to describe the scents, because they want consumers to experience it for themselves. Boy, have we been doing that. None of the Dona products I’ve tried smell anything like the aphrodisiac and most of them have smelled down-right awful. I would have saved a lot of time and frustration if I had known that the pomegranate products smell nothing at all like pomegranate.

I find it difficult to believe that I am the only one who feels this way, either. It’s like System Jo is actually making it harder for consumers to find a product that suits them. However, if they had at least tried to describe scents, we’d have a much better idea about which product might suit our tastes, or smells as it were. Now, I’d pretty much have to assume all consumers should stay away from all of Dona’s products because they can’t be sure if their powerful smells will be agreeable or cause them headaches. Plus, $10 is a lot more than your$2.50 bottle of body wash from the local drug store, which you actually can smell before you buy.

Good news is, I have a bunch of Dona products that I don’t really like and I wouldn’t have to deal with, if it weren’t for this brilliant marketing move.

One Comment to “Why Dona Pisses Me Off”

  • fire says:

    Wait, I also assumed that those descriptions referred to the scent. I want something that smells like pomegranate!

    This is very disappointing, since System JO’s H2O lubricant is my go-to water-based lube – a small, discreet, travel-friendly bottle costs about $5 and has lasted for more than a year and still has half left. (Granted, I only use it for toys.)

    Luckily for me, my local store stocks the Dona products so I can take a sniff before I buy. I didn’t really intend to ever buy Dona products since I’m particular about my body wash, lotion, bubble bath, etc., but now I know I SHOULD take a whiff before I commit to buying.


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