“Yes Means Anal” and other Internet WTFuckery

November 8th, 2010

Aka “Sometimes Ignorance Truly is Bliss.”

One o the awesome things about being a sex toy reviewer/sex blogger is that I have learned a lot about sex positivity, equality acceptance and, by association, feminism. The problem with knowledge is that, while it is a powerful tool, it’s also damned depressing to see how far behind some folks are.

So when I see this article about how a fraternity at Yale thought it was kosher to chant “No means yes; yes means anal,” I wanted to punch someone. And when I read the response from Yale Daily News about the “histrionics” of those who were appalled at this behaviour, I myself was appalled.

WTF, yo.

But is that all?

No, that is not all.

Bill O’reilly, that “lovable scamp” (read: dimwitted ox) has this advice to gays:

That’s my advice to all homosexuals, whether they’re in the Boy Scouts, or in the Army or in high school: Shut up, don’t tell anybody what you do, your life will be a lot easier.

Fox news: whatever you’re doing, it scares me.

And now back to your regular programming. Actually, just kidding. Still in transit and without my computer and didn’t pack all my stuff to review in my luggage because clothes and cat food were more important.

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