You know what they say about Russian women..

October 9th, 2012

When I was younger, I visited some websites that I probably shouldn’t have. Yes, I’m talking about porn. We all did it right? So, we all saw the same ads. Ads that we’ve been forever warned about will lead to the AIDs counterpart of our computers, so we better not ever click them. A lot of those adds were for things like other porn or a randomĀ s-r-w site. Sure, I’d heard of mail order brides from television and movie shows, but I found the whole concept to be interesting as a teenager, so I clicked the ads and found myself browsing through hundreds of pictures of good looking women.

I suppose this has been replaced by on-page dating site ads. After all, most people use popup blockers these days, so those types of ads are simply less effective. There’s also an appeal to seeing the smiling and attractive face (and cleavage) or a local man or woman, whether or not she’s real. But I digress.

This train of thought leads me to an article that I recently read where a man was fixing his son’s computer and found quite a bit of porn in its history. Rather than punish or scold him, he left a message explaining how dangerous those types of websites are and told his son he was open to answer any questions if his son felt the need arise. There was a bit of sex negativity, which I didn’t love, but the father probably handled the situation better than my own mother would have.

However, the story made me laugh because I don’t think, in all my time on the Internet, I’ve ever gotten a horrible virus from a porn site. From looking at Google images for totally innocuous sites? Yes. From files sent directly to me from people I knew? Sure. From those stupid MSN hijacking viruses? You betcha, but as afar as I can tell, porn sites, dating sites and Russian bride sites all want my money, so they’re not going to crash my computer.

I’d guess this whole thing is an old (Russian) wive’s tale. It’s a social virus more than anything.

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  • Esme says:

    Dealing with children’s sexuality is a really difficult thing. I have no idea how I’d handle it. I watched porn from about 11-12 by watching samples on websites and then later downloading and tube sites. I think the lack of context, lack of visible consent to some of the more extreme acts and [in my opinion] often disrespectful attitude to women left me feeling pretty confused about sex and sexuality. At 24 now I’m still working on some of the issues I feel this brought up for me. I’m female if that’s at all relevant.

    To counteract my negative experience, a positive. When I was a young child of 3-4 I sometimes used to masturbate in front of people. Instead of shaming me in any way for my activity, my mum would say to me that doing that evidently showed I was tired and needed to go to bed, as that was something to do alone in bed. So, I stopped doing it in public as for a child staying up late means being a grown up. I carried on masturbating alone with no guilt.

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