Zen Tranquility

April 16th, 2010

Zen Tranquility, a vibrator which is also known as Sabar Zen, is supposedly a designer vibrator by Michael young. “Who?” you might ask. Well, I’d love to tell you but I don’t know. Some sources say he’s a watch designer to which, I say “Good for you. Don’t quit your day job.” Actually, some sources call him Michael Yang which is interesting. Perhaps because he is Hong Kong based, who knows. Anyway, this contemporary vibrator is supposed to be some sort of affordable luxury but, for what it does, isn’t much of either.

The Zen Tranquility is made of hard, slick plastic. It’s really shiny but, for some reason, I do not find it to seem very luxurious. Perhaps it’s the way that it smudges and picks up fingerprints like crazy, marring the otherwise reflecting surface. Perhaps it’s the cheap feel of the battery cap which is inserted and removed from the larger end with a click. Sometimes it even turns on when I put the cap back on, and the controls won’t respond to turn it off. It just does not feel quality. Oh, that’s right, it’s another California Exotics Toy. Not that I have anything against them, it’s just that they tend to slap famous names on their toys to make them sell but the designs are usually just as cheap.

I have to admit at first appearance, the Zen Tranquility looks pretty interesting. That’s part of the reason I selected it. The glossy plastic adds to the contemporary feel provided by the curves. This 6.5″ vibe curves slightly upward if resting on a flat surface. Each end is curved as well, with the vibrator growing in thickness toward the end with the buttons. The smaller end has a diameter of slightly over 1″ while the larger end has a diameter of just under 1.6″.

The curve of the toy is gentle. It will work to stimulate some G-spots but not necessarily all. The tapered curve of the usable side provides pinpoint stimulation the the vibrations are focused right there. This might make it a good choice if you like pinpoint clitoral stimulation, too.

There are long indentations along both sides which are intended to be finger holds. However, they are only useful if you hold your hand in a certain position (resting atop the vibrator, the heel of your hand toward the buttons) and I do not. It’s like this toy was designed by someone who doesn’t understand the concept of ergonomics but wants to.

The vibrations are controlled by two buttons on the wider end. Technically, it’s one button and you press either the + or – side to adjust it. The soft button is easy to press and I haven’t had any issues with it not knowing which side I am pressing. However, it may be too easy to press and has turned on in my FYN Toybox a handful of times. The position of the controls makes them likely to be bumped. When powered on, this button glows red which is handy.

There are several levels of continuous vibration and they flow together smoothly when adjusting. This might be good for someone who doesn’t like their vibration levels to be spaced too far apart but makes it difficult to tell exactly how many levels there are. There might be 8. Maybe.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the Zen Tranquility is decently powerful but no Hitachi. The vibrations are surprisingly deep on the lower levels but become more shallow as the level increases. I find this to be quite common with a lot of toys powered by AAAs. The higher settings do tickle my hand uncomfortable.

This vibrator is not especially quiet which also detracts from its “luxury.” It won’t wake the dead but it might be a dead giveaway to folks in the same room or home.

I don’t need much vibration to get off but I just found the plastic to be both uncomfortable and unremarkable. There is absolutely no texture to speak of the the gradual curve of the shaft can’t “hook” on anything. This does mean you don’t need a lot of lubrication for insertion, however. Frankly, I found the Zen Tranquility to be a bit, well, boring.

This vibrator does come with a storage pouch but it’s pretty cheap. It’s a stiff velour type and is only just longer and wider than the toy itself. When the bag is cinched closed, the Zen Tranquility is pretty snug. The cinch strings are about 1.75″ on either side of the opening which I find ridiculously short, too.

To put it bluntly, the Zen Tranquility is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Once you look a little closer, the facade fades pretty quickly. It’s not a horrible vibrator but it’s definitely not worth $70. I’d happily pay about half that, maybe a little more. You can get some fairly comparable products (Magnifique by Natural Contours, for example) for even less than that.

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