Save Big at Lovehoney

March 20th, 2014

Lovehoney’s spring sale is currently going on. Not only can you save $15 on $70 — no code needed — but there are some awesome toys available.

Ceramix No. 6

Ceramix No. 6

1. Ceramix No. 6

It’s like the Ceramix dildo that I reviewed, but stripey-er. The ridges are interesting, and you’d likely enjoy it if you don’t need a lot of curve for G-spot stimulation. It could also be use anally and with a harness. Yay!

2. The Mute Swan

Rechargeable. Silicone. Curved. I haven’t tried the Mute Swan, but the toy looks elegant and luxurious. It’s also 26% off right now.

3.  Embrace Bunny Wand 

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an Embrace toy for a while. This new, USB rechargeable line comes to you form California Exotics, and it looks pretty nice. The bunny has a filling shaft and long ears.

Ceramix No.1

Ceramix No.1

4. Ceramix No.1

Sexy purple mushroom straight out of Wonderland? I think so! It’s been a long time since I’ve done anal play. Maybe I should change it up with this plug. At $20 on sale, this is the cheapest you’ll find the plug, too!

5. Lovelife Dream

I like Cuddle, the g-spot vibe in this line,  but that’s not on sale right now. However, Dream is a cute little vibrator with a price of just $54. The shafter is straighter so it’s good for general internal and external stimulation.

Out of everything on Lovehoney’s sale page,  what would you get?


Ceramix Pleasure Pottery Dildo No. 4

December 28th, 2013

This is an archived review. You can no longer purchase Ceramix toys.

Pleasure Pottery Dildo No. 4
I have to get this review written tonight because I will soon be writing my annual “Best of” list, and this dildo will absolutely be on it.

So, here’s the thing. I really like the look of the Ceramix line. It’s all bright colors and fun shapes. Kind of Dr. Seuss. A good friend said it reminded her of Wonderland. Either way, it’s got this whimsical air. Love it. Apparently I am not alone. My Pipedream rep said they were having trouble keeping these in stock. Fortunately, the good folk over at PinkCherry were able to send one over.

Now, the only other ceramic toy I’ve used was a vibrator, so it had a bit more wait than this dildo. The dildo is hollow and it just feels so light. It’s like the Krispy Kreme donut of dildos. Almost more air than anything else. Yes, it’s also delicious. I will get there.

There polka dots on the #4 are slightly raised. I can feel them with my hand. I don’t think this adds any vaginal sensation. It’s slick overall and, as you can see from the photos, there are definitely some light bulges.

So this is a hollowed out dildo and there’s a hole at the bottom that’s plugged with stopper. It’s removable so that you can put warm or cold water in it for temperature. At first, I thought this was a gimmick.

I was fucking wrong.

However, it is annoying. It’s in there really well. I couldn’t pry it out with my fingers or nails. I had to grab a pair of tweezers. It needs to be secure so that water doesn’t get all over your bed, but it’s so secure that you definitely need to plan on playtime with this dildo. It’s not a spur-of-the-moment thing.

So once I got it removed, I did will it with warm water. Of course, this adds to the weight a bit, but it’s nothing like metal. In fact, I rather disliked the weight of the Pure Wand. I also disliked how hot it got after usage. I generally prefer the feel of something cool against my labia, that warms up only slightly. I love glass.

But the way that the ceramic warms from the inside out with this method has won me over. The heat reminds me of sex with a real, live cock. Of course. the rigidity is all wrong, but is just feels awesome, not foreign. This alone made me really enjoy the feeling of this dildo. Instead of using it to squirt or thrust, I simply enjoyed the way it felt while inserted and using another vibe on my clit. I don’t think it would have mattered which vibrator I was using externally because cumming around this dildo — three times — felt amazing.

The size didn’t matter but for posterity, it has a slightly curved head and a base that makes it safe for anal. You can insert 6 inches, and this is a medium-size dildo with a maximum diameter of 1.5″.

It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen in love with a sex toy like this. I absolutely recommend that you try something in this line if not the Pleasure Pottery Dildo No. 4. There are vibrators and plugs, each with their own stunning design.