February 8th, 2015

It must be hard being silicone lube in my possession. First, it sits on my counter or my table for a few days. Days turn into weeks, and the lube makes it way into my bedroom. There, it sits on my dresser before taking months to move to my nightstand, where it will sit a while more until I can think about using it.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re nice and slick, perfect for partner vaginal or anal sex. Long-lasting doesn’t matter. A lack of stick is just great.. someone else. Silicone lube can be compatible with most of my toys and all condoms, and it can come in a cute pump bottle that’s also made of glass. An ingredient list that’s short and easy to pronounce should be something that I approve of. But none of that just really matters.

At the end of the day, silicone-based lubes get the short end of the stick because they feel so artificial to me. There’s no way around it. Water-based lubes are shorter lasting and become sticky as they dry, but it feels closer to my natural lubrication. It’s more natural feeling, less like a plastic bag in my vagina.

So, you see, UberLube didn’t have a chance. Umlaut and everything, I still wasn’t swayed. It was just another silicone-based lube that will likely collect dust because I don’t particularly care for that type of lube. I don’t like how it feels inside me, on my hands or on my toys despite how often and long I’ve washed them.

And while the pump bottle is cute, it’s also not travel friendly because it could break and there’s no way to lock it. And $19 is far more than I would spend on any bottle of lube. If I was a die-hard silicone lube fan, I’d probably recommend a lube like System Jo for Women, which is a hair more affordable. If you’re really interested in Uberlube, Good Vibes does sell travel sets, which cost $16 each, but the other silicone-based lubes offer a more competitive price.


Icicles No. 52

May 20th, 2014

This is an archived review. Babeland no longer sells the Octopussy dildo. Furthermore, I have had a Pipedream dildo break because it is a lower quality glass.

I strongly recommend reading Lilly’s guide to glass sex toy safety before making any glass dildo purchases!

icicles no 52

My last experience with an Icicles dildo didn’t turn out so well because it fucking broke. In fact, my first was pretty lackluster, and I wound up trading it away so maybe it was a little risky for me to try another one. However, I thought the elongated tentacle design of this dildo would better fit me than any of the Icicles dildos I’ve tried thus far. I was right.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that this dildo is shaping up, literally, to be one of the better G-spot dildos I’ve ever owned (aside from Pipedream’s shitty glass). I know that it won’t be fantastic for everyone. If you need that drastic curve, then you might try Fun Factory’s Curve or the Pure Wand, which most people love for its curve. In fact, I found it difficult to find reviews of dildos with intense G-spot curves on Of Sex and Love. I just don’t like them! I’ve tried more G-spot vibrators that hit the spot, that’s for sure.

So this glass dildo head a curve, but it’s less intense. There’s also a bulb. I personally find that the shape perfectly cups my pubic bone and reached my G-spot with ease. It provided perfect stroking and while I don’t have trouble with squirting, it was so easy with Icicles No. 52. The gentle curving really made it easy to use even if it wasn’t necessarily the most filling toy I’ve ever used.

This is a fairly long and narrow  dildo at 7 1/4 inches long. You can technically insert most of it if you’d like. Although, I don’t think you’d want to. Toward the center of the shaft, the diameter is 1 1/4 inches wide. It’s not a very intimidating toy in my opinion, and I use just a dab of lube with it. You may not need any if you’re already warmed up. The bulb on the head is smaller than that, however. You can insert under 1″ thick if you don’t insert the dildo very far, and I found that I didn’t need to.

The glass provides rigid stimulation if you like it that way. The design is lighter than metal of a similar style but heavier than wood. There’s also texture on the shaft that is reminiscent of a tentacle. It’s engraved rather than ridges so you might not notice it as much. The sides of the shaft, which flattens out a bit, are smooth. So is the other end, which is an open loop that servers as a handle. Maneuvering this dildo is easy, even if your hands are full of lube.

Like all glass, it’s nonporous. You can clean it in a million ways. It’ll warm up against your body and in warm water. You can cool it down, too.

Icicles toys come in foam inserts in thin cardboard boxes. There’s no storage bag so you may want to invest in one if you’d like to protect it. I have enough fabric storage in my drawer that I can rest a glass toy in there without worries. A towel will also do the trick.


Icicles No. 39

February 22nd, 2013

I have written many reviews for underpowered, overpriced, poor-quality and other sex toys with simply poor designs. I’ve had defects, but I’ve never had one break on me, despite the fact that I’ve reviewed more than my fair share of glass dildos over the years. What makes this even worse is that this dildo broke before I was technically able to use it. I took a picture and put the dildo away for a while.

Then, I got it out and went to wash it. While it was under the stream of water already in the basin of the sink, fell a few inches and broke. The flat ring of the handle broke off from the corkwscrew shaft. A tiny piece chipped and fell down my drain, so while I can piece these back together and maybe even super glue it, I don’t think it’s worth dealing with.

Now, it didn’t shatter or break in use, but I’ve dropped more than one piece of glass into my sink and even on the floor without it breaking on me. While this dildo broke as the thinnest point, I still feel it warrants discussion. Is this an issue with the dildo I received? Is it a problem with this particular design because the ring is so narrow? Or are Icicles dildos in general something we should stay away from? I don’t want to write them off entirely, but this makes me wary.

Icicles 39 Handle Broken From Shaft

Before it broke, Icicles 39 really was gorgeous. The black glass is opaque. It’s super shiny and sleek. The corkscrew design is unique and it wasn’t hard to take a decent picture before it broke.

Pipedream is really trying to up their game. My dildo came in a foam insert in a long, narrow box. There’s a magnetic “flap” that you open to see a window surrounded by a black-on-black pattern. It’s all very sophisticated. Sadly, it’s all for show because Pipedream includes no storage and..

The dildo really didn’t work for me. Yes, I still use it — carefully — after it broke. I found the shape to be noticeable but not in a way that was especially pleasurable. The problem with it is that it’s just so narrow. I really had to press the straight shaft to stimulate my G-spot and this was due to the narrowness of this. While this makes it a good dildo for people who like smaller toys, it’s going to wind up disappointing size queens. I don’t even consider myself one of those, but this thing is a maximum of 1″ or so and it starts around half that. With 6″ or so insertable, the taper is super gradual, but the lack of girth and curve means it’s less than ideal for me personally.

So, this went in the trash for obvious reasons, but if you were to buy this, cleaning is a breeze. Storage? Well, you want something padded, that’s for sure.

I’m wary of quality, but I think someone could like this dildo. It’s just not me.


Star Delight Clear Dildo [Flash Review]

February 19th, 2013

My first Crystal Delights dildo was a success, but I feel like I would enjoyed it more had I been able to use it on someone else. The pretty Swarovski jewels at the end are totally lost on me, unless I display it as a piece of art in my living room. I just might. Although, the blue almost exactly matches my nails.

The Star Delight specifically is a glass dildo with a contoured head and bulges on the shaft. The flared based makes it pretty safe for anal, and while the shaft lacks any sort of G-spot curve, the contoured head was enough to make me squirt within minutes. The bulbs are impossible to ignore, but I slightly prefer ridges for actual pleasure. Six inches to thrust with is plenty, and the glass has a heft to it that I enjoy.

The base makes it easy to hold, and I was able to insert this 1.4-inch dildo with no warm-up and a little lube. Cleaning is easy no matter how you do it, and Crystal Delights includes this storage pouch, which I just love. It’s like a burrito of happiness.

Good dildo? Yes. Better than any I’ve tried before? No? Prettier? Why don’t you come find out.

Crystal Delights Storage Pouch


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Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set Giveaway

December 18th, 2012

I had wanted to do a Christmas themed giveaway, but this will be a stretch. Um, you hang pretty glass pieces on your tree, so you should put glass in your vagina? Yea, let’s go with that.

Theme aside, this is a cool giveaway. One lucky winner will walk away with not one but two glass dildos from Lovehoney’s Supersex collection.

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

One is a clear dildo, slick and smooth, with a series of bulges at one end and a contoured head at the other. This dildo has a relaxed “S” shape for G-spot stimulation. The other is a pink dildo that has two contoured heads and a line of bumps down the center. Whether you like texture or not, one of these is bound to work for you.

Neither dildo has a circumference greater than 1.36″, so either is a good option for the folks who like their toys smaller or are a little intimidated by glass. You can experiment with either end of each dildo to find your perfect combination.  Try ’em hot or cold. Experiment with clitoral stimulation. Hell, you can insert them both at the same time if you want. I won’t stop you.

You’ll have to win them, first, so keep reading to find out how you can win this glass dildo pair from Lovehoney.

Glass Dildo Set Giveaway

Open to US and UK. 18+

First, visit Lovehoney and tell me something else you’d like from the site (Mandatory).

Then, rack up some extra entries using any of these methods (Leave a comment for every entry):

  • Leave a relevant/thoughtful comment on any other recent (three months or so) post. Leave a comment here with a link to your comment.
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  • Like Of Sex and Love”on Facebook. Tell me your Facebook name in the comments.
  • Follow @Lovehoney_com on Twitter. You don’t have to but consider saying something nice to them to show your gratitude.
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The giveaway will end on December 31st, and I will use a plug-in to randomly  generate a single winner. The winner will be contacted by me  via e-mail and Lovehoney will mail the prize directly to the winner. Of Sex and Love is not responsible for delivery.


Icicles No. 5 Dildo Giveaway

July 25th, 2012

So, there’s something that I realized lately. Namely: that I like to give away stuff. I have everything I need. No, I have more than I need, and that’s pretty awesome. I mean, I have been doing this reviewing thing for almost four years. Can you believe it’s been that long?

With an upcoming move, I’ve been clearing out my drawers. I’ve literally given away barely-used luxury sex toys for just the price of shipping. I am just that awesome, right? I can’t do that for every blog reader, but I can host giveaways, with the help of sponsors like Relaxation Inc, that give at least every one of you the chance to win something. This time around, I picked a glass dildo, because I like glass, and because I think this specific dildo is pretty.

Icicles No. 5

It features a slightly-bent, clear shaft that is wrapped with a blue ridge. A flat base makes it safe for anal play and possibly compatible with your favorite harness. Warm, cold or somewhere in-between, it works. And, the Icicles line is really affordable. If you simply wanted to buy this for yourself, it’s not much more than $20. Of course, here’s your chance to win it.

For each entry type, leave a comment. If your comment includes an URL and doesn’t show up immediately, it went into the spam queue. Yes, I got it. You also don’t need to post your email address in the body of your comment. That’s super unsafe guys, let’s keep you spam-free!

  • Head over to Relaxation Inc and tell me what would relax you. –Mandatory.
  • Leave a relevant/thoughtful comment on any other recent (three months or so) post. Leave a comment here with a link to your comment.
  • Follow me on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway (once daily). For example: Adriana s giving away an Icicles No. 5 Dildo . Visit of Sex and Love to enter http://ofsexandlove.com/?p=4196 Ends 8/10
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Giveaway is open to Continental US.

Good luck and thank you for entering!


Mineral Depletion Results in RubyGlass Discontinuation of Some Dildos

July 3rd, 2012

I signed on to my email to see this message from RubyGlass21. The company will no longer produce glass toys that are pink, purple or red because the mineral that is used to create those appearance has been mined to extinction. Prices for the remainder of the mineral have skyrocketed, and, as such, so have glass dildo prices. Until a synthetic way to mimic the colors becomes available, RubyGlass will disconitnue the following products:

  • RG73003 Pink Nub Sinsation
  •  RG9136GB Purple Surf
  • RG26931C Purple Crank
  •  RG38001-5 ALL Ticklers
  • RG0003269 Pink Bulb
  •  RG999731 Purple Twist
  • RG91351GLL Pink Cupid
  • RG5403A Red BumBum
  • RG27002 Pink Perfect Body
  • RG22491A Red Claw
  • RG7488TDF Pink Sweetheart
  • RG51001 Ruby Love
  • RG31002 Pink Triple-
  • RG9135GLL Pink BubbleGum
  • RG30001 Red Blow Popp
  •   RG67001 Pretty in Pink
  • RG5104A Pink BumBum
  •  RG65002 Pink Star Dream
  • RG253941A Pink Hand
  • RG2692C Purple Crank
  • RG73002 Pink Sinsation
  • RG2121G Purple Glaze
  • RG834693 Pink Surf
  •  RG6969V Purple Good Vibe
  • RG5107A Purple BumBum
  •  RG1010TDF Purple Hestia
  • RG70002 Purple Glaze Love Baton
  • RG9136G Purple Smurf
  • RG65003 Purple Star Dream
  • RG78001W Purple Triple-X Drip
  • RG55001 Red Orgasmic Twirl
  • RG58001-2 Red Pleasure Wand and Duce

Furthermore, the following items will remain available but with a price increase, which brings them up to $25 – $50.

  • RG000124 Purple GumDrop $49.99
  • RG99374581HL Red Tasty Treat $49.99
  • RG836524HL Red Dream $49.99
  • RG99937458HL Red Candy Cane $49.99
  • RG79001 First Love $24.99
  • RG1239W Purple Hestia $49.99
  • RG000121 Pink GumDrop $49.99
  • RG9134GLL Red Cupid $39.99
  • RG54004 Red Poseidon $34.99
  • RG836525HL Clear Dream $34.99

According to company spokeswoman Cynthia, completed orders will process as normal, but no new dildos will be available. There’s no word, yet, if other sex toy manufacturers will follow a similar pattern. RubyGlass21 is a small dildo creator, unlike many of the larger companies that have dipped a toe in the glass dildo pond. Others may have the resources to continue providing toys like these to consumers or may choose to raise prices on any dildo that uses this depleted mineral.

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