A Toy a Day #4: Miracle Massager

November 2nd, 2016

The Miracle Massager was the fist wand massager that I ever tried, and it remains the one that I use most consistently. That is, to say,  I reach for it when I want to get off quickly with external pressure and without needing to strip down or lube up. It’s not that often; although, I’ve used it a few times this summer/fall.

When I first got the Miracle Massager, I appreciated its strength and rumblier vibrations. I liked the flat-ish head, which has a rounded edge that I press against my vulva for stimulation that’s more pinpointed and offers more pressure. However, the PVC material is porous and has since become discolored.

The Miracle Massager is not as powerful as the Hitachi, which I have since swapped away, and I actually prefer it that way. The Hitachi is just overwhelming while the Miracle Massager provides noticeably more power than anything that runs on batteries.  In fact, there are still days when my clitoris is too sensitive or I would need ample warming up for the Miracle Massager to not feel uncomfortable. But when my body is into it, it provides quick and easy orgasms — and usually multiples. I’ve had some fairly lengthy sessions with this vibrator.

The shape of the head of the Miracle Massager is important, too. The Hitachi and other toys are simply too round, and they lack the springy neck that allows me to push the handle away from my body to grind the head harder against it.

If the Miracle Massager could be quieter and smaller but offer all these same perks, I might never leave my home.


The Wand Down Under

October 14th, 2014

Whenever I have to describe the demographic of my blog, I quickly point out that readers come typically from English-speaking countries. Of course, there are plenty of you from the USA and Canada. Hi, folks. I have a number of people who surf in from across the pond. Ello. blokes. And then there are my mates from Australia. I love you all, I do.

But shopping for sex toys isn’t a universal experience, this I know. In my podunk town, I have two stores, no matter how terrible it will be. As an American, I can pretty much get anything shipped from anywhere for bottom-dollar prices. I am spoiled, yes indeed. For example, I’ve tried at least 3 different plug-in wand-style massagers. It doesn’t matter whether or not I like them because the options are there. And this isn’t even including the number of rechargeable wands that are available on the market.

This isn’t so with other countries. Canadians, for example, have more issues when it comes to shipping and tariffs. Man, those are a bummer! But there seem to be a lot more options for shopping in Canada and the UK than there are in Australia. That’s why I’m so happy to write about a new product that some of my readers might never have had a chance to try before.

Y’all know about the original Magic Wand. It’s been reviewed by everyone, including me. But it’s definitely designed for Americans in mind. I know some companies offer similar wand options with plugs for the UK and other European companies, but someone’s finally introduced a similar massager for our friends down under.

The Oz Wand is now available

The Oz Wand is now available in Australia

The Oz Wand Massager is aptly named and looks quite similar to the original Hitachi magic wand and, now, the, Magic Wand Original.. Because neither Hitachi nor Vibratex ever made a  220v-240v model, this means Australians were left in the cold. Aside from the compatible Australian plug, this version has 10 different speeds, which is great if you don’t always need a vibrator that sounds and feels like a jackhammer.

The Oz Wand has a few updates including a removable and washable silicone head and a storage pouch. Currently, there is a G-spot attachment available for internal stimulation with the Oz Wand, and the massager is compatible with attachments made for the Hitachi, so you have more options.

If you’re in Australia, head over to the Oz Wand Massager site to purchase this. You can choose to purchase the vibrator separately or in a bundle with the G-spot attachment. The wand starts at $139.95. Free shipping is available.

I expect that you’ll start to see them in local stores, too, as the folks at Oz Wand spread the word to retailers.

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Magic Wand Original

May 25th, 2014

For the rest of this review, I am going to use “Hitachi” because it’s easier to type and my nails are wet and I am annoyed. So, okay.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Blair Witch Project and you were curious whose stupid idea it was to do the handheld camera thing, let me suggest this. The shakeyness was not due to holding it by hand. Rather, the tripod was attached to a Hitachi. The Hitachi may also been the cause of the earthquake that altered the planet’s axis and shortened the day.

This is, to say, the Hitachi is strong. It’s the strongest toy I’ve used. It’s stronger, on its highest setting, than the Miracle Massager. The Inspire. That one stupid rechargeable massager that I used once before tossing in my swap drawer, which omg-you-guys is getting so full! There’s a reason Hitachi has been around for a million and one years. It comes through where other vibrators don’t.

It’s effective as hell if you’re a power queen. It’s also strong enough to provide real comfort to achey bones and muscles, legitimately. If I place that thing on my clit, I feel it in my spleen. My nipples almost dance because of the strength of the Magic Wand Original.

And original it is! It hasn’t  changed in design for many years; although, the name and packaging got a revamp. But the design hasn’t changed. It’s clunky. It’s loud. Like a god damned chainsaw. It’s big. It’s not friendly if you’re injured or have arthritis. To be honest, I feel like Peter Dinklage would have a hard time using this monstrosity. I think this bums me out because I wouldn’t mind having sex with him.

Anyway, Peter Dinklage stands out among the crowd — not that’s not a midget joke, okay maybe it is — but the Hitachi doesn’t, at least, not when it comes to design. Perhaps this is because every other wand maker copies them. Don’t break what isn’t broke, right? But I’m not sure that this design isn’t broke. Or maybe I am broken. At the end of the day, I prefer the lighter, curved body of the Miracle Massager. It’s weaker, but I really only use the Hitachi on low (more on that soon, I promise!). They both have springy heads, but I find the weird round and spongey head on the Hitachi to be lackluster. Miracle Massager has this edge that I grind into my clint/pubic bone. Hitachi’s head is too round, and I don’t get the pressure I like. Inspire has an almost completely round head, but it’s smaller so I can really jam it up there between my labia. Is that a weird way to describe it? I don’t think I care.

Maybe I would like it better with an attachment. I’m sure I’d squirt like hell all over with the g-spot accessory. but I already have g-spot toys that are pretty good at that and they’re far less cumbersome.

Okay, so the shape isn’t to my liking but maybe that would be okay if the Hitachi knocks my socks off? And I would be lying if I said it wasn’t strong enough. In fact, it’s too strong like I eluded to earlier. I only ever use it on the lower setting, which I prefer because the vibrations are deeper here. It’s not like the high setting is buzzy, but I just like really rumbly vibrations.

But the problem with a vibrator so strong is that it detracts from what I am feeling. It’s overwhelming. It feels and sounds.. too much. I wind up pulling away when I am about to orgasm because I guess my orgasms are hard work — even with the Hitachi — and not very strong. I like to feel my muscles contracting and whatnot and the Hitachi is just too.. distracting. I literally wind up turning it off, but this makes it a little disappointing.

I’m well aware that my issues with the Hitachi are some of my own, but I think most people are looking for the right balance between shape, strength, effectiveness, and noise. The Hitachi just doesn’t it for me.


Hitachi: Making the holidays magical

December 11th, 2013

Thanks for the guest post Sam!

I’ve been using vibrators for years. Small ones, large ones, silicone, glass, hard, soft, vibrating, pulsating, thrusting – anything you can think of, really. However I was quite late to the whole hitachi revolution. Are they really that much better than a standard vibrator? Yes – they’re bigger, but as most women know, bigger does not always necessarily mean better.

Originally conceived as a ‘sports massager’, a savvy few women soon started to realise that the powerful pulsations of the hitachi wand would make for a perfect vibrator.


There are plenty of wand reviews online, however for me the orgasm given from a hitchi is a largely different sensation than other vibrator orgasms I am used to – the size of the vibrating surface means that the pulsations tend to be slower and deeper, resulting in a ‘wave-like’ orgasm, something quite different to the short, sharp, intense climax that can often by given using other, smaller toys with a more concentrated vibrations.

I found climax easy to achieve using this toy and the wide service can give both a clitoral and opening orgasm – though remember, this is not a toy to be inserted!

Another additional benefit of a hitachi wand is that comparatively to many other toys, they are very quiet (again being larger, the buzz is much softer). However – this brings me on to me one and only is of the wand – they are very large and can be quite bulky – it’s not a toy that works especially well, from my experience, for couple’s fun. Varying positions can be difficult to achieve due to the size and of course – it can look incredibly intimidating to whip out for your partner!

Overall – a wand is an excellent addition to any girls sex toy ammunition, perfect enjoyed alone ;).


Wanachi Rechargeable Massager

July 27th, 2012

I’m not going to lie, part of the reason I requested to review the Wanachi Rechargeable Massager is simply because I remember them showcasing it on that one sex toy shopping TV show, the name of which completely escapes me now. I can literally hear one of the hostesses talking about it and, you know, I thought it might be nice to have a rechargeable full-size massager. Both of mine, while powerful and small, require me to tether myself to the outlet. I have pulled my Miracle Massager cord out of the outlet more than once, guys.

As is there were any doubt from the name, this is Pipedream’s Hitachi knockoff. There’s really not much difference as far as I can tell; although I’ve never used a Hitachi. I don’t think I would want to now, to be honest. The box for this vibrator was huge because, well, the vibrator itself isn’t a petite thing. It’s heavier, longer and wider than my Miracle Massager… even combined with my Inspire. I was just not prepared for this monstrosity. The head of this massager is like the size of my fist.

I also wasn’t surprised for it to be charged. I’ve gotten lucky with toys that way, lately. They usually aren’t but this one was. A slider switch let me easily move between the two settings.. and I was immediately disappointed. The vibrations on the lower setting weren’t any stronger than some vibes that take 2AAs or 3 or 4 AAAs. They weren’t as buzzy, sure, but they were just plain weak. Any of the Jopen vibrators blow this one right out of the water.

On the high setting, it wasn’t quite so bad… but it was still like the low on my Miracle Massager or Inspire. The vibrations of the Wanachi Rechargeable Massager were so lackluster that I plugged it in, thinking maybe it wasn’t charged all the way. Unfortunately, it was.

I wish my disappointment ended there, but it doesn’t. I was resting this hulk (hey, they should make it green!) against my clit, and the edge of the head was doing okay for me, when it just died. Now, I think I’d gotten off once or twice, and I sort of wasn’t paying attention as I finished The Great Gatsby, but the vibrator died well within 30 minutes. That’s right, after I double-charged the thing, it just died.

Now, I wish I could say “whoa! these guys says I should get 3 hours of time,” but I can’t. Honestly, the product description is so freakin’ vague. I’m not sure what the advertised amount of usage is, or how long Pipedream recommends that I charge this vibrator for. Regardless, it wasn’t strong, small, quiet or long-lived enough for my tastes. The only way in which this massager really didn’t disappoint me is with its flexible neck. It’s super flexible. Way more than the Inspire.

I think you might assume that it’s as strong as the Hitachi, but it’s just not. If you want cord-free, take any vibrator that runs on 2AAs. It’ll do you better than the Wanachi Rechargeable Massager, by far.


Oh my god, you guys. This thing is a fuckin’ zombie. I accidentally bumped it on my nightstand, and it works again! I didn’t charge it, I just turned it on and it worked. I’ve been able to get a few more sessions of use out of it. While it’s still weaker than you’d expect, it apparently works longer. I just don’t know why. Perhaps it overheated the first time, which is definitely not a sign of quality. Your guess is as good as mine.