A Toy A Day #5: Form 6

July 5th, 2017

A Toy a Day is a feature wherein I get reacquainted with toys in my collection and post (brief) reviews with updates to my thoughts or, in some cases, thoughts that I’ve never before posted. 

I’ve always been a fan of Jimmyjane’s Form 6, and it’s seemed like I was the only one. The sleek design attracted my eye years before I finally got my hands on it. Jimmyjane was really ahead of the curve when it came to designing a sleek toy. I discovered the form 6 long before I knew what Lelo was.

When I finally did get the Form 6, I didn’t review it, but I’ve been pretty vocal about my general like for it. But was it just that I finally had it in my hands (and vagina?). It wasn’t a toy that I reached for on the regular, and it’s been perhaps a year since I’ve used it. So I decided to give it a whirl and write about it.

Jimmyjane has dual motors, one for each end, and they can work in tandem or solo. Form 6 is a bit louder than I recall, and the motor in the longer shaft has an annoying whine. The vibrations are moderately deep and strong but not earth-shattering. The smaller end produces a more focused sensation while the vibrations seem to be absorbed by the larger shaft. A layer of silicone sheaths the rigid shaft, and it’s plusher in the larger side. This may contribute to the vibrations feeling dulled in this end.

One of the biggest complaints about the Form 6 is the button location — on the shaft. There are three buttons that are embossed in the silicone. This makes them a little difficult to find and press and super difficult to use when the toy or your hands are covered in lubes and sexual fluids.

They might also become completely inaccessible if you insert the shaft far enough. The Form 6 isn’t a toy I want to start out with, though. It’s 1.7″ at its widest, but remember that the shaft is rigid. The way the shaft is designed doesn’t taper much. In fact, it gets narrow further down, which doesn’t quite make sense.

The shaft is straight-ish, so it’s best for general vaginal stimulation and not G-spot stimulation. I’m not sure this is really a good G-spotter for most people; although, I can use it for one if I used the other side. The slight hook works pretty well for G-spot stim if you don’t need a drastic curve or a lot of length. But it’s not going to work that way for everyone.

I’m able to use the Form 6 for clitoral orgasms, but they’re not the best. I have toys that are a bit more versatile, which is odd because Jimmyjane touts this toy specifically as one that is versatile.

It’s a shame because one of the things I really like about the Form 6 is how it charges. It rests on a base, and it’s not particularly picky about position. When you lift it off the charger, it flashes to indicate how charged it is.

I don’t plan on swapping my Form 6 any time soon but neither do I plan on keeping it in heavy rotation.

If you’re interested in the Form 6, it’s on sale from SheVibe right now ($129.99).


Form 2

June 7th, 2011

Form 2

Form 2
$145 from Babeland

Remember how whiny I was a while back about how I’d never tried a Jimmyjane vibrator? Yea, it wasn’t pleasant. Luckily, I have now had the opportunity. My experience has been a bit.. atypical, I think, so I have some interesting insights to share with you, dear reader.

Now, in case you forgot, the Form 2 is a rabbit shaped vibrator but it’s just the head with two ears that have separate motors. The ears, one would probably guess, are ideal for surrounding the clit or nipples or for passing on either side of the labia or.. an ear? Point is, while most people are going to head south with the Form 2, it does offer some versatility.. which is probably good because I really just don’t like it for clitoral stimulation. I tend to use toys in the general area of my clit, pressed to my pubic bone. It’s about pressure and indirect stimulation for me but it doesn’t get more direct than the Form 2–and it’s on both sides. AAAH! This totally negates the fact that the vibrations are shallow and buzzy, although concentrated.

My personal quirks aside, this just may be better suited to those of you who like direct stimulation from multiple angles. If you’re the type who can lay a vibe against your clit and eventually get off, more or less without any effort, maybe the Form 2 is for you. Unfortunately, I’m not you. My other personal complaint is that the ridiculous buzzyness of this vibrator quickly “numbs” me. Now, I don’t mean numb in the “woe is me, I used a vibrator and I’ll never get off from sex again” type way, so if you’re the anti-woman/masturbation/pleasure/intelligence type who believes that, STFU. No, I mean, that the vibrations are so shallow that my body literally cannot feel them after a while so I turn it up and up and up and eventually I’ve just spent half an hour with a toy that has absolutely not chance of getting me off and what am I doing?

I’m getting to know the toy for review, I guess. At least it’s easy to use. There’s a plus and minus button for controlling the vibration and another button with a squiggly line for moving between the different modes. Jimmyjane has included vibration and pulsation and describes them with an interesting infographic yet, because the buzzyness isn’t a good foundation for effective pulsation.

So I was all set to write this review and say, you know, this is an interesting toy and it seems made well enough.. When it turned itself on, vibrated itself right out of its charging base, fell on my bathroom floor and broke. Scared the crap out of my cats, too.

On the bright side, Jimmyjane was super quick about responding to my issue and sent me out a replacement Form 2 STAT! I just returned the broken one, via prepaid shipping, today. I’m not having any issues with the new one. I’m a little hesitant to keep it in its charging base, should the same thing occur with my replacement, and also because the cats like to nom silicone. Otherwise, I like the charging base. it’s convenient and the design uses a variety of flashing and steady lights to indicate charging and battery status. With the Form 2, you know exactly how much of a charge is left when you lift it from the base. That’s handy.

Because it uses a charging system with contact points–there’s a metal “disc” on the bottom of the toy that contacts the base–it’s waterproof. This makes cleaning super easy and you could take your Form 2 in the shower. That’s not generally my preference as the water tends to make vibrations seemed subdued.

Other points of note include:

  • Form 2 is fairly quiet. Not as quiet as Siri but acceptable enough.
  • The manufacturing seems pretty high quality. The toy feels solid, it’s pretty seamless.
  • The silicone collects dust and smudges like crazy. Arg.
  • A lot of people have complained about some sort of feature/glitch. I haven’t run into it because I don’t spend a lot of time with toys that aren’t going to get me off.
  • Although I’m hoping my specific issues were self-contained, it seemed like Jimmyjane vibrators–especially those in the Form line up–just tend to be glitchy as all get out.

I guess we’ll have to see how I feel about Form 2 in the future.

Jimmyjane Form 2 at Babeland


Best in Form

April 19th, 2011

I am super lucky, blessed even. I work with companies who have sent me, literally, thousands of dollars worth of swag and all I have to do is tell you about it. I get free stuff even if all I have to say is bitching. And, sometimes, that’s all I have to see. Even high quality items have missed the mark, just as I can be pleasantly surprises by vibrators and dildos and what-have-you that may seem a little cheaper or a little odd at first. I’ve been surprised and disappointed more times than I can count and that makes sense: it’s a numbers game. When you’ve tried more than a dozen rabbits, toys from giants like California Exotics and premium vibrators from Lelo, there’s bound to be some surprises.

But in this numbers game, I have yet to try a sex toy from Jimmyjane. I lusted over the Form 6 long before I was a reviewer. My eyes bulged at the release of the Form 3. The form 2 seemed interested, if buggy. And now that’s the Form 4. That, my friends, is why I am writing. I am hoping that the good folks over at Babeland will read this and take pity on me. After all, how can I truly call myself a sex toy reviewer without having reviewed something from every manufacturer out there? My resume is lacking.

I would like to add just one more number to this game: 4.

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Jimmyjane Little Afterglow Sampler Set

December 29th, 2010

afterglow sampler set
One would think that I would have learned my lesson after trying-and-not-really-loving Jimmyjane’s Little Ember candle set but I opted to try the Afterglow Sampler Set anyway. Immediately, I was more impressed with the Afterglow set. Although the holidays have just passed us by, the entire set comes in a long, flat box that includes a ribbon. The box itself has several slits through which you can thread the ribbon to decorate the box as you see fit, making it perfect for gifting. My ribbon was only through one slit and tended to slip off. I also found that the slippery ribbon is difficult to tie tightly. The ribbon itself is a wide, satin type in bright pink and stands out against the box. The top features a grey “ink spot” against a white background and the Jimmyjane logo displays in the bottom corner.

Inside the box is a full sheet of paperboard that severs as a label for each candle scent included. In addition to this, the back side features an “experience guide” and the manufacturer gives suggestions for using multiple scents in one scene or setting. The guide also includes a coupon code for $25 off any $100 purchase on the JimmyJane website.

The candles themselves each sit snugly in a cut out in a box in two rows of three. It’s very geometric and symmetrical. I like the organization. The candle holders are rectangular, white ceramic and although these candles are not full sized, the holders stand about an inch tall, I expect them to last through several uses. However, the experience will vary depending on how much oil one uses for massage or if the user simply chooses to burn the candles for ambiance.

Each candle has a corner that is contoured to create a small spout for pouring the candle—an improvement over older JimmyJane candle products. It can be difficult to remove the holders from the cut-outs in the box because it is so snug, especially if there is wax residue on the exterior. The candles are individually sealed with a clear sticker that I had to peel back to open the candle for smelling and, then again, use. You can reseal these stickers but I found them a little difficult to remove and this resulted in several of them ripping, rendering the sticker unusable.

After opening the box, I gave each candle a good sniff and decided that not all the scents are my thing. Grapefruit is ridiculously sour and plant-like and I cannot imagine how anyone would ever like it. The bourbon scent is not quite as offensive; however, the heavy mix of sweet and spicy is rather masculine and overpowering. I was pleasantly surprised to note that I enjoyed Cucumber Water more in this set than the lone candle I previously reviewed for Babeland. It really smells differently to me and is a very crisp, floral scent. Pink lotus is my second favourite; it is a classic floral scent that is a bit perfumey. However, I adore Dark Vanilla above all the other scents. It’s a layered, sophisticated mix of vanilla and spices that is reminiscent of cookie dough. I have yet burned the Truffle + Gardenia in this set but it’s another floral scent. This one is slightly less natural as it reminds me of soap.

This set is definitely heavy on the floral and I think it would be more balanced if one or two of the floral candles were replaced with different scents but that may just be me. I figure that liking four out of six candles is a pretty good deal

For those who are unfamiliar with massage candles, the wax is much softer than your typical candle. You can pretty much press a finger into the wax and remove a layer to rub right on the skin. Of course, burning the candle creates a pool of oil that is more efficient for this purpose and can be poured onto the skin from the candle holder. Because the wax is soft, it does not require as much time to melt as a traditional candle. Just five minutes yields a usable pool of oil.

The massage oil moisturizes the skin but it also feels pretty heavy on the hands. You will probably want to wash them after giving or receiving a massage with the Jimmyjane Afterglow candles because it doesn’t fully sink in. This is actually beneficial because you can give a longer massage with this oil than, say, regular lotion. I find it pretty typical that scent changes when it mixes with the chemistry of the human body. The same is true with these massage candles and I also find that the smell is simply stronger when burning the candle than during use. However, the strong is fairly subtle and not overpowering.

JimmyJane’s Afterglow Sampler set is great for introducing yourself to massage and JimmyJane products in general. Plus, the thoughtful packaging is excellent if you want to give it as a gift or even use it as a piece of décor in your home.

While Babeland no longer sells the sampler set, you can still buy full-sized Afterglow massage candles, including one in my favorite scent.


Contour M Massage Stone

April 23rd, 2010

I don’t own a whole lot of Jimmyjane products even though they all seem pretty nice. As much as I like massage, I’ve never had a partner who really enjoyed giving them. However, I think Jimmyjane’s massage stones could certainly help with that!

From the right angle, this ceramic massager looks like the letter a lowercase letter “m.” Hence the name. To me, it seems like someone took a square slab and pushed in the middle with something round. The result is a broad, round side and a concave side with four rounded, “points.” Although, nothing is angular about the Contour M; it’s all smooth, rounded lines. The massage stone is off-white in appearance.

The ceramic stone has a bit of heft but it’s not heavy at all. I have glass and metal toys which weigh significantly more. The finish is sleek and completely smooth except for one “leg” where Jimmyjane is printed in grey. The letters can be felt with a finger but are not obtrusive.

The slick surface glides smoothly across the skin and moves even easier once massage oil–like that from a Jimmyjane candle–is added. I chose to use the Contour M with some Kama Sutra Oil of Love, simply because I did not want to wait for a candle to burn. The ceramic feels quite cool and the addition of a warming massage oil was interesting, too. If you’d like, you could dip the massage stone in a bowl of warm or cool water for temperature play.

I hit up Jimmyjane’s website for some usage instructions. I admit I don’t know much about massage technique but I did find the Contour M to be fairly intuitive. The broad side fits in my palm and fingers allowing me to stimulate with one or more of the “nodes.” I found it easy to do tiny circles with all nodes making contact. Applying more pressure with a single node results in more pinpoint stimulating, like that move some people do with their elbow.

On the other hand, it’s easy to apply pressure to a broader area with the other side. I find my movements to be larger and it’s easy to lean into strokes, really putting your weight into it (like using your knuckles). It is slightly more cumbersome to hold in this position, however. I was surprised just how easy it was to use the Countour M. Jimmyjane even suggests trying some genital massage, which I did. The four nodes work okay for this. I wasn’t aiming for orgasm and I’m not sure if I even could but it was nice.

The one thing I really enjoyed was how easy it is to apply pressure with the massage stone. If you find that giving massages puts a painful amount of strain on your hands or fingers, then this can relieve some of that strain without limiting the effectiveness of the massage. Of course, the ceramic is rigid and quite unforgiving so you don’t want to be too firm.

During use, the Contour M can become a bit slippery depending upon the oils or lubes it comes in contact with. I didn’t find this to be a large problem but I wasn’t using a large amount of oil, either. Nevertheless, cleaning is a breeze and the massage stone can be washed with soap and water. Storage is a simple matter because it won’t pick up any lint or interact with other materials. You may want to wrap it in a cloth of some sort; I wouldn’t mind if this came with some soft cloth or bag for that purpose.

Contour M, like all Jimmyjane products, is luxurious. This isn’t the cheap plastic roller massager that makes an appearance every year before the holidays. This isn’t something you find in the $1. It is, however, an intimacy enhancing tool which I can see lasting a lifetime. Even if you don’t have a massage partner, it’s still good for solo use. My legs appreciated a little massage with the Contour M. I can see it making frequent appearances when I am stressed or even just for the fun of it.

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Afterglow Candle (Cucumber Water)

October 4th, 2009

In my latest review of Jimmyjane’s Little Embers Massage Candles Set, I mentioned I was impressed by their packaging. I don’t want to inundate you by repeating that but, if anything, I was even more impressed with the packaging and presentation of the full size Afterglow candle.

The Afterglow candle comes in a paperboard box designed in white, grey and a seafoam-ish green. Overall, it’s clean and neat. This houses a paperboard construct which holds the candle and other implements steady. If you pull the entire thing out of the box, the construct folds away for easy access. I believe my instructions and other info was stuck to the top of the box to begin so, when I opened it, I saw the candle first. The candle sits on a box of stick matches and there is a pocket in the holder where an applicator brush sits. Once again, the attention to detail is immaculate.

The candle itself is in a cube-ish, frosted glass holder and, like my Little Ember candles, is sealed on top. During shipping, the candle must have been on its side because the uber soft wax has definitely shifted. The Afterglow is so soft it’s difficult for me to call it solid; it’s one of those in-betweens like jelly. I could dip in my fingers and use it like lotion, if I wanted. Because of the softness and shifting, the white wick was a bit difficult to find and I had to clear the area directly around the wick to light it. I know Juliettia had a similar candle and she had to dig into hers to find it. Mine wasn’t quite so difficult but, honestly, I’d forsake the all natural wick for a bit of dye so that I could actually see it.

All this playing with the wax allowed me to smell the scent. I chose Cucumber Water because I generally find cucumber to be refreshing and the “water” part sounded even more so. I was surprised at just how floral the scent was at all. I wasn’t expecting that at all, from the name. There was a crisp, wet smell but the cucumber was effectively drowned out for the floral smell. After lighting, however, the scent is more balanced. It’s still extremely strong and a scent which I don’t love. The smell was noticeable in my living room and even overpowered my air fresheners (which I’d just changed). After having the candle lit for only a few minutes (10, tops), I had a headache. I think I would better appreciate the strength of the scent were it something I liked more.

I must say that the candle looks quite sophisticated and classy when list. The flame produces a yellow glow inside the frosted glass and these candles could double as decor and ambiance setters, too.

There’s not much to say about the matches except that the box is designed nicely and it certainly adds to the flare of the candle. The smell of sulfur is quite overpowering, initially, but I don’t frequently use matches. I will probably use a lighter with these candles from now on.

After only a few minutes, the soft wax had pooled into usable massage oil. I tested a little on my arm, first, because my experience with the Little Embers made me cautious. I had no issues with the wax being hot at all. In fact, it was probably a little cooler than I expected. The oil was rather thin (thinner than most massage products I’ve used) and slick which makes for gliding ones hands over skin quite easy. It wasn’t sticky in the least and absorbed completely into the skin, leaving no residue.

Although the candle comes with a brush to apply, it certainly makes more sense to pour the oil straight onto the skin. You can better control how much and go for more right away, if you want. You’re also losing less product to the brush itself, which becomes somewhat hard after the oil dries back into wax. I’m not a fan of a lot of upkeep so I will likely toss the brush. However, the square candle holder isn’t ideal for pouring either and, like the Little Embers, the oil dripped down the side.

The information booklet says each 5oz candle will burn for 42 hours but I think it’s important to note that using it for massage oil will obviously detract. It also advises to burn the candle until the wax at the edges has turned to oil or about 30 minutes (to ensure even burning each use). I have probably only burned it for 20 minutes at a time so the edges were not quite melted. I only like to let it burn until there’s just enough oil to use and it seems like 30 minutes is a bit excessive, especially when you have curious critters or children around.

In general, we used most of the waxed that had melted into oil, but when I went to see if any was still melted, it had already hardened. I find it difficult to believe 30 minutes had already passed and suspect that this estimate is also if you let it burn for 30 minutes. While this isn’t a big drawback for me, it might be if you’re into long massages.

Overall, I was impressed with the function and feel of JimmyJane’s Afterglow candle. It looks great, is presented nicely. has a strong smell, melts into wonderful oil, performs admirably and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. However, my experience with JimmyJane’s scents seems to be hit or miss and my next product choice will be made more carefully.

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Little Ember Massage Candles Set

September 30th, 2009

This is an archived review. Jimmyjane no longer makes the Little Embers set. However, you might be able to purchase it from retailers like this one.

This week shall be the week of JimmyJane, I think. It was pretty awesome because I got not 1 but 2 JimmyJane products in a short period, a while back. Enter double excitement over my first JimmyJane products! Onto the good stuff, shall we?

The Little Ember Candle set is a great introduction to what seems to be some new products from JimmyJane. Unlike the Afterglow candles which are 5 ounces each and come in familiar scents like Pink Lotus, the Ember candles are 12 ounces and feature a pairing of scents to create an overall ambiance. JimmyJane describes the candles as such “a base note that leads the way, plus a charismatic top note to set the tone.” Sounds pretty neat to me. Of course, you guessed that the larger size means a larger price tag; Ember candles are almost twice the price of an Afterglow candle and, if you’re not sure that you’ll love it, that can be money better spent elsewhere. That is where this set comes in so handy. You can experience some of the scents in miniature form and for a significantly lower price than a full sized candle. It’s a no brainer really.

Decision made, I assume most people would be pleasantly surprised by the packaging. I know it’s something other people have mentioned before but Jimmyjane’s attention to detail is something which really puts them heads and shoulders above the competition and what makes them a luxury brand. The Little Ember set comes in a white-topped box with the Jimmyjane name and logo in silver on top. On the top front, coming onto the front is a pink-ish red square which says the product name. A similar rectangle is printed on the bottom sides of the box (which is otherwise black) which can be seen through two rectangular cutouts which make pulling off the top a cinch. The candle scents are also listed on the bottom back of the box lid but aren’t in the way. I actually missed that at first. The simple design and colours are definitely a hit, very sophisticated.

Inside the box you see the candles as well as a white rubber band and a black book of matches, both branded with the Jimmyjane logo. In this kit are three .7oz candles in each scent: GINGER + DATE, TRUFFLE + GARDENIA, LYCHEE + LAPSANG. It is arranged so each candle is in a corner with the empty corner making room for the matches and band. It’s impressively impressed and, at this point, I would expect no less from Jimmyjane.

Each candle is roughly cube shaped (1.5″ deep and wide, a little over 1″ tall) and sits in what appears to be a white, ceramic holder. Each container is wrapped in a translucent plastic sticker, branded with the logo. This keeps the candles sealed before purchase and, because mine were shipped, I appreciated this. Although some of the wax may have shifted to the side of the container, it couldn’t escape so no product was lost.

And with the soft, soy-based wax, melting and shifting is pretty common. Soft wax is par for the course when it comes to massage candles; I imagine this is because it allows them to melt as lower temperatures. You can dip your finger in the candle, make a dent and rub a bit on as lotion but if it’s a nice pool of massage oil, lighting is in order. Of course, this is as easy as peeling off the sticker and lighting up one of the included matches.

Because the candles are mini, it doesn’t take long for them to melt to a usable pool of oil – a few minutes at most. Jimmyjane says you can get 4 hours of burning time out of these and it seems a stretch for the size and it definitely doesn’t take into account that these candles are actually, y’know, for using. The instructions also say to blow them out before pouring, never a bad idea. In my experience, the candle holders never became very hot but the provided band is for slipping around the candle to shield your fingers from any heat.

I would also recommend waiting to use the oil. For whatever reason, the Little Ember candles seem to get unreasonable hot; perhaps because of the size. The first time we used them, it was too hot to pour on his skin directly and hurt my hand a bit. Other than that, the oil is quite slick and makes for a good massage. I’ve never had a massage candle about which I can complain; however. Little Embers do nothing terribly wrong in my book. I might like a slightly better method for application because the oil never failed to drip down the side of the containers, onto my furniture. The scent is also quite strong. We started with Truffle + Gardenia which I quite enjoyed and the scent stuck around the room for at least a day and a half.

Which leaves me to discuss the scents available in the Little Ember Massage Candles Set. They’re quite the interesting combinations and, I must admit, I was completely unfamiliar with most of the components. I don’t know what lychee or lapsang even are, I’ve never smelled a date and I never knew a black truffle is a root. The scent descriptions on Jimmyjane’s site give some insight but don’t really prepare you for the reality of the scents:

TRUFFLE + GARDENIA: The dirty decadence of Black Truffle grounds the airy notes of White Gardenia. This pair of aphrodisiac scents swings between the earthly and the ethereal.

GINGER + DATE: The crispness of fresh Ginger is warmed by the burnt sugar hint of sun-drenched Date. This pair of aphrodisiac scents entices with its rich notes and warm embrace.

LYCHEE + LAPSANG: Tangy Lychee fruit mingles with the smoldering indulgence of Lapsang Souchong tea. This pair of aphrodisiac scents suggests intrigue, where the familiar meets the exotic.

Tackling this one by one, Truffle (which is apparently a root) and Gardenia is my favourite, hands down. It’s floral, of course, but a sophisticated floral and not perfumey in the least. The candle has just a bit of spice which balances this out perfectly. I can see where the scent description is going.

Although I knew ginger smells a bit spicy, I wasn’t prepared for just how spicy it would be. Also, the scents do vary a bit from just smelling the candle to burning and using it. I found this scent to be much too strong in the candle but, in use, it became bearable (although enjoyable would be a stretch). Ginger is noticeable but I can’t smell anything like burnt sugar; instead, it seems like the other ingredient is herbal.

Finally, lychee and lapsang is a scent which basically evokes what I think old Oriental ladies would smell like. It’s herbal, soapy, woodsy, pinesol-y and tea-like and doesn’t venture anywhere near pleasant. It’s a bold move; perhaps a move that should be left undone.

With that said, Jimmyjane definitely got one of these scents right and my nose is not all noses so who’s to say that my experience isn’t limited? I would still recommend the Little Ember Massage Candles Set to anyone who wants to get a feel for these candles and I did Ienjoy them for their massage properties. Because of the presentation, this set might even make a nice present, if you’re comfortable gifting someone massage candles.