Spur Vanilla

September 30th, 2010

Recently, I finally decided to try a VixSkin dildo. It was different for me because I really don’t like flesh coloured toys or ones that are realistically shaped. I have a number of glass dildos, a couple silicone and have used some metal ones as well but realistic ones just never appealed. Still, everyone was totally into me getting something and Twitter agreed that I needed to go with VixSkin if realistic was the goal. I won’t lie, the lack of real man dick in my life has been a bit disappointing.

So I requested the VixSkin Spur from Fascinations and it was quickly on my doorstep. It arrived in a cylindrical, plastic container that I love. I’ve had a few toys come in similar containers; they’re great for things that are generally long and narrow. They offer more protection than plastic bags and they’re more ideal for keeping to permanently store your toys.

I began to play with the Spur immediately. I understood this toy is dual layered; intellectually, I knew there was a firmer inner core but it was something else to actually feel it. I sat it on my desk and groped and stroked it for a few hours. I took pictures. I sent them to a friend who thought the spur looked huge. She must be on crack because it’s not. I specifically picked a smaller toy because I don’t love banging the shit out of my cervix. Thus, Spur really isn’t the toy for size queens with its 4-¾” length and 1-¼” diameter.

Who might enjoy this?

  • Hardness lovers: Spur includes a wide, flat base that is harness compatible. The inner core makes it functional for thrusting too but…
  • Packin’ folks may find that it’s soft enough to wear in clothes. This depends but when I sit the Spur on a flat surface, gravity tends to pull it down and exaggerate the slight curve in the shaft.
  • Folks like me who don’t want to beat up their cervices.
  • Novices who may or may not yet have had sex.
  • Everyone who wants to play with fun, squishy silicone.

My first scene with Spur was quite enjoyable. I broke out the Liberator Throe and was also trying out Lelo Siri. Internally, Spur felt more realistic. It wasn’t fooling my hands but my vagina couldn’t much tell the difference. I loved the realistic sensations but being able to thrust at my own convenience and I squirted pretty quick.

The base makes for a great handle and the Spur is easy to maneuver but I find I can squeeze my thighs around the base during orgasm to keep Spur inserted, too; I used this method during clitoral orgasm with the Siri. And this, IMO, is where Spur really shines. As my PC muscles spasm during orgasm, the Spur has enough give that they’re not clenching to produce a painful sensation as is often the case with toys that are larger and harder.

You see, my G-spot can be sensitive in a really shitty way, which means that even if I want something inserted, sometimes it’s simply too painful to do so. That’s not a problem because Vixen’s silicone composition is awesome!

Are there any downsides to the Spur? Well, sort of. It collects lint and dust because the silicone is so soft. Storing it in the plastic container it came in is a great idea because of this. And you should only used it with water-based lube. Typically, this isn’t a problem but I accidentally used some silicone-based lube with the Spur and it has become sticky. Some folks suggest that VixSkin is more susceptible to these type of reactions so be warned.

Back to the positives, VixSkin is especially susceptible to temperature play. It quickly warms to body temperature and I found the opposite to also be true: when I played with an ice vibe, the Spur cooled down immediately even though it was inserted. You can use a bowl or warm or cool water, though.

Because it is silicone, you can clean with soap and water or boil to disinfect the Spur to swap between partners or orifices. I don’t share so soap and water it is, then off to the towel to dry.

So, if you can’t tell, I really like the Spur. I never knew I could like a realistic toy so much. It’s really quite awesome.