Fetish Fantasy Nipple Clamps [Comparison]

July 8th, 2015

Although I haven’t written about them before, I have tried nipple clamps. The pair I had were a generic rectangular, screw style. They were heavy enough to be noticeable, a sensation I quite like.

Unfortunately, the weight combined with a very loose screw meant they didn’t like to stay in place, and you certainly couldn’t tug on them if you wanted to — and I found that I did!

Pipedream was gracious enough to send me three styles of nipple clamps to try out, all from their Fetish Fantasy series. I figured this would give me a good idea of what I liked, and if I liked it enough, I could invest in more serious hardware down the line.

The three styles I received were magnetic nipple clamps, Japanese clover clamps and the poorly-named “tit clamps with chain.”

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Magnetic Nipple Clamps

These are probably my favorite clamps out of the bunch in terms of aesthetic. I really like how the hardware rings your nipple, and the gems on the sides helps them catch the light. I imagine this would be good for photography! The design might be a bit bulky or heavy for some.

Magnetic nipple clamp

Magnetic nipple clamp

The design is definitely the least painful out of the three sets I had to try. The clamp attach with magnetic crossbars through the rings that sit on either side of your nipples. You’ll need to pull them apart to place the nipple clamp on. It’s not difficult due to the strength of the magnets, but it works better with two hands. Maybe I’m just not dexterous enough.

The end at a “T” shape and you can choose to position the crossbars either flat against or perpendicular to your nipples. If your nipples are smaller, you might not be able to get a good fit with the magnetic crossbars no matter how you try to put them on. I pull mine outward to get them to stick.

I find lying the crossbar flat against my breast works best. . The pull of the magnet keeps it in place, and it’s not so strong as to really be painful.

However, it’s not so strong to really be painful. There is a bit of a pinch, but it’s probably not enough for someone who wants to feel — or cause — serious pain. I did accidentally cut my nipple by pulling them off, so there’s that. Ha!

It’s also not adjustable, which may cause a problem. They’re also not connected; although, I feel as it you could connect a chain of sorts around the rings. Be careful when you pull as the magnets aren’t the strongest thing ever – and the heavier design probably contributes to this. These could easily come off, and the magnets don’t pull strongly through the tip of a finger, for example. However, pulling the nipple clamps straight off isn’t painful, so they can be quickly removed!

Overall, these magnetic nipple clamps seem to be a bit more form than function, but I do find the sensation to be as enjoyable as the appearance. They just don’t whet the appetite of the more extreme kinksters.

Get them from Amazon here.

Fetish Fantasy Japanese Clover Clamps

This style of nipple clamp is more traditional, and many brands make them. They’re lightweight, even though they’re overall larger than the magnetic nipple clamps. You simply place your index finge and thumb opposite along the bottom and give a squeeze to open the pincers. Place a nipple between the padded — with what looks like silicone or plastic — pincers, and you’re good to go. It’s like using clothes pins as clamps, even though the clamps look more complicated.

Japanese clover clamp

Japanese clover clamp

The pincers open up about an inch, and can even hold something as thin as a piece of paper between them, so they’ll work for a larger variety of nipples than the magnetic clamps. It’ll squeeze the nipple flat as it applies pressure. It makes most sense to place it straight down; although, you could wear them to the side.

Although lightweight, clover clamps pack quite a punch. They’ll stay in place as you tug and pull on them, allowing you to provide more stimulation. Like a clothes pin, you could wrap something like a rubber band around the group to ease up the tension. Each of these clamps comes with a white cord, which won’t serve that function. To be honest, I’m not sure what the function is. It could be used for storage or to add a chain, but it’s tacky and doesn’t match the feel of the clamps themselves. I will probably cut them off.

$25 from Amazon.

Fetish Fantasy Series Tit Chain Clamps

The finally set of nipple clamps I have to review has the worst name and packaging of the bunch. Pipedream needs to get on that ASAP. But the name is self-explanatory. The pair of nipple clamps is connected by a chain, and a might heavy one at that, to pull down on the nipples and add sensation.

Tit clamps with chain

Tit clamps with chain

These are the smallest of all the clamps, with two little paddle shapes that sit on either side of your nipples. You’ll wear them perpendicular to your breast, like a larger version of the clover clamps. I find you need more finger strength to use these clamps, so the clover clamps might be a better option for someone with arthritis because the clamping part itself is so similar — just a different size.

If your nipples are smaller, they’ll pretty much be enveloped by the clamps, which is what happens to me. The pincers on the clover clamps are much smaller, which means you see more nipple if that’s your thing. The pincers separate just wide enough to get my fingers between them, but not my thumb, and I don’t have meatier fingers like some people.

In terms of sensation, these seem comparable to the clover clamps, but they’d be much harder to adjust.

$25 from Amazon.

If you’re just getting into nipple clamps, the magnetic clamps are attractive and the least harsh. For more intense pain, either the clover clamps are easy to use with one hand, and you can easily adjust with a rubber band or add a chain, if you’d like. Although the chain already comes with the “tit” clamps, they seem the cheapest made and least attractive of them all; plus, they require more hand strength to use.

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  • Kalliopeia says:

    The magnetic clamps are gorgeous, although cutting the nipple seems… not great, given that it doesn’t seem to be intentional. I also like the almost steampunk look of the clover clamps.

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