Jimmyjane Little Afterglow Sampler Set

December 29th, 2010

Jimmyjane Little Afterglow Sampler Set

One would think that I would have learned my lesson after trying-and-not-really-loving Jimmyjane’s Little Ember candle set but I opted to try the Afterglow Sampler Set anyway. Immediately, I was more impressed with the Afterglow set. Although the holidays have just passed us by, the entire set comes in a long, flat box that includes a ribbon. The box itself has several slits through which you can thread the ribbon to decorate the box as you see fit, making it perfect for gifting. My ribbon was only through one slit and tended to slip off. I also found that the slippery ribbon is difficult to tie tightly. The ribbon itself is a wide, satin type in bright pink and stands out against the box. The top features a grey “ink spot” against a white background and the Jimmyjane logo displays in the bottom corner.

Inside the box is a full sheet of paperboard that severs as a label for each candle scent included. In addition to this, the back side features an “experience guide” and the manufacturer gives suggestions for using multiple scents in one scene or setting. The guide also includes a coupon code for $25 off any $100 purchase on the JimmyJane website.

The candles themselves each sit snugly in a cut out in a box in two rows of three. It’s very geometric and symmetrical. I like the organization. The candle holders are rectangular, white ceramic and although these candles are not full sized, the holders stand about an inch tall, I expect them to last through several uses. However, the experience will vary depending on how much oil one uses for massage or if the user simply chooses to burn the candles for ambiance.

Each candle has a corner that is contoured to create a small spout for pouring the candle—an improvement over older JimmyJane candle products. It can be difficult to remove the holders from the cut-outs in the box because it is so snug, especially if there is wax residue on the exterior. The candles are individually sealed with a clear sticker that I had to peel back to open the candle for smelling and, then again, use. You can reseal these stickers but I found them a little difficult to remove and this resulted in several of them ripping, rendering the sticker unusable.

After opening the box, I gave each candle a good sniff and decided that not all the scents are my thing. Grapefruit is ridiculously sour and plant-like and I cannot imagine how anyone would ever like it. The bourbon scent is not quite as offensive; however, the heavy mix of sweet and spicy is rather masculine and overpowering. I was pleasantly surprised to note that I enjoyed Cucumber Water more in this set than the lone candle I previously reviewed for Babeland. It really smells differently to me and is a very crisp, floral scent. Pink lotus is my second favourite; it is a classic floral scent that is a bit perfumey. However, I adore Dark Vanilla above all the other scents. It’s a layered, sophisticated mix of vanilla and spices that is reminiscent of cookie dough. I have yet burned the Truffle + Gardenia in this set but it’s another floral scent. This one is slightly less natural as it reminds me of soap.

This set is definitely heavy on the floral and I think it would be more balanced if one or two of the floral candles were replaced with different scents but that may just be me. I figure that liking four out of six candles is a pretty good deal

For those who are unfamiliar with massage candles, the wax is much softer than your typical candle. You can pretty much press a finger into the wax and remove a layer to rub right on the skin. Of course, burning the candle creates a pool of oil that is more efficient for this purpose and can be poured onto the skin from the candle holder. Because the wax is soft, it does not require as much time to melt as a traditional candle. Just five minutes yields a usable pool of oil.

The massage oil moisturizes the skin but it also feels pretty heavy on the hands. You will probably want to wash them after giving or receiving a massage with the Jimmyjane Afterglow candles because it doesn’t fully sink in. This is actually beneficial because you can give a longer massage with this oil than, say, regular lotion. I find it pretty typical that scent changes when it mixes with the chemistry of the human body. The same is true with these massage candles and I also find that the smell is simply stronger when burning the candle than during use. However, the strong is fairly subtle and not overpowering.

JimmyJane’s Afterglow Sampler set is great for introducing yourself to massage and JimmyJane products in general. Plus, the thoughtful packaging is excellent if you want to give it as a gift or even use it as a piece of décor in your home.

While Babeland no longer sells the sampler set or most of the full-size candles, you can still buy Afterglow candles on Amazon, including one in my favorite scent.

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  • Dusk says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been hearing great things about this set, though not the grapefruit. Disappointing, since that seems like a flavour I’d normally like a lot.

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