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June 5th, 2010

In the past six months or so, I have increased my selection of Lelo toys fivefold. Previously, I’ve reviewed the Luna Beads and Lily, both of which left a little something to be desired so while I was excited when Lelo released Ina and Mona, I wasn’t sure if the toys would work well for me personally. I actually wound up purchasing Ina a while back and have played with her to limited success. I was a little disappointed and thought perhaps Mona would have been a better fit for me and AdultSextoys was kind enough to provide me with Mona (and right before my birthday, too!).

Ina and Mona are very similar, if you’re comparing. Essentially, Ina has a small clitoral stimulator while Mona is just an insertable shaft. Mona has an angled head for G-spot stimulation and it’s slightly bulbous but unique from most other G-spot vibes. It’s not exactly spherical nor is it ovular; at some angles Mona almost looks like a golf club (but which one? I don’t know. I don’t play).

Mona’s handle is slick white plastic while the insertable portion is velvety silicone. Mine is a gorgeous red (orange-based, not purple) but you can also get Mona in grape purple. The silicone is rigid, without any give. The shaft isn’t large and only has a diameter of 1.43″ but I find that it tapers a bit suddenly and, because of this, might not be a great beginner’s toy.

Mona offers about 5″ for insertion with another 3.5″ for the handle. The lines are sleek, making this vibrator look quite modern and attractive. The length was more than sufficient for finding my G-spot and I think most women would be satisfied with the design of Mona.

Mona’s vibrations are fairly strong but a little buzzier than I like. Mona feels drastically weaker than Ina because it only vibrates in one place. I was actually a bit shocked and at the difference in performance. I don’t think that Ina’s shaft is any stronger, it just seems that way when both motors are on. Regardless, Mona offers consistent pressure for G-spot stimulation and is easy to wield (she’s quite light!) if you’re into thrusting.

Mona has a lot of vibration variety, if you’re into that, but they feel a little lame after experiencing Ina. There’s 8 or so settings of steady vibration, slow pulsation, fast pulsation, escalation, up-and down escalation, and a mode of mixed pulsation and escalation. Everything is controlled with 4 buttons. Arrows page backward or forward through the modes while you can adjust strength with plus and minus buttons. You can lock Mona, when not in use, by pressing the plus and minus button simultaneous. I cannot specifically remember if Mona’s instructions were unclear on this point, but I know Ina’s manual did not properly describe how to do this.

I found myself having to press button multiples times with both Mona and Ina. I know others have complained of the same issue. My understanding is that some users could too easily press the buttons on older Lelo designs. It seems a bit like a Goldilocks thing. Too easy, too hard. Give us “just right.”

Mona is rechargeable and comes with an AC adapter. Initially, you must charge the vibrator. The manual explains that Mona’s light will blink when charging and remain lit when charging is complete. Lelo also says charging takes about 2 hours. Lelo claims up to 4 hours of use for every charge but I don’t buy that. Both Mona and Ina seem to die pretty quickly (about an hour, I’d say), especially when using the pulsation settings. There is a noticeable decrease in power when this happens.

If you’ve used other Lelo toys or vibrators with digital motors, then you may be familiar with the high-pitched whine that sometimes occurs. I noticed this only on the last setting of Mona.

Mona comes with a satin bag, typical of Lelo toys. *It also comes in a differently style of packaging. Mona itself is in a plastic and cardboard hanging display. I like the presentation of this but it’s not really practical for consumers; it’s better for stores that wish to display Mona. Ina had a similar package and my experience with them is different. Ina was a bitch to get out but the glue was practically useless on Mona’s packaging so it slid out effortlessly. Once you toss that, though, you’re left with Lelo’s traditional storage box.

Aside from storage, you’ll want to take care of Mona so this sex toy will last you a lifetime. I recommend only water-based lube (Mona is not very comfortable for me without lube) and taking care of the charging port when washing. Mona does have a little cover over hers and it’s fairly secure so this shouldn’t be too hard. Just make sure it’s not submerged or in the direct stream of water. Mona will pick up a little lint so you may want to use a microfiber towel and toss it in the storage pouch as quickly as possible.

If I had to toss all my G-spot vibrators save for one, I’d probably keep Mona. Even though it hasn’t made me squirt like Ina, I will definitely keep practicing. Mona does seem to be significantly stronger than other Lelo vibes (Lily or Elise, for example), which gives me high hopes in the direction they’re taking.

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7 Comments to “Lelo Mona”

  • Gardenvy says:

    Thanks for the very informative review!
    I’ve been interested in a Mona, I just don’t know if she’ll work out for me. I guess I’ll never know if I don’t try. You’ve definitely caused my interest to heighten in Mona.
    Very nice review darling!

  • Epiphora says:

    This is interesting, since I only have Ina. I am still interested in Mona though.

    I realized that the buttons need to be help down for longer for them to work. That seems to be the solution.

  • Trix says:

    I finally saw a Mona 2 in person yesterday, and I’m tempted…I wonder if there’s a big difference in the second edition?

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