Luna Pleasure Bead System

December 21st, 2008

When I requested the Luna Pleasure Bead System to review from Babeland, I expected a high quality set vaginal exercise balls to facilitate kegels and possibly add pleasure.

In reality, I got a quality set of vaginal balls which may well help strengthen my PC muscles but this exerciser doesn’t seem to soar above comparable tools.

What I think is that the value of having 2 pairs of weighted balls is somewhat exaggerated and, while it sounds novel there isn’t much to back up the claims. I would have been a little more satisfied with 1 set of balls because this is a solid product. I wanted to badly to love my first Lelo product but, unfortunately, I only like it.

What worked for me are the baby blue and pink pairs of weighted balls which look quite elegant in their stretchy, Phthalate free silicone holder (and stay in place due to notched ridges in the beads themselves) and the subtle movement of the balls within to remind me periodically of the balls within myself. I also enjoyed the sleek, white cardboard box in which the product arrived. This contained a black storage box with tray for both sets of balls which is nondescript enough to keep on your bathroom counter or nightstand without drawing notice to itself and, if someone is curious, the balls themselves do not look like sex toys. Alternatively, the white satin pouch provides even more discreet storage options and would work well if you are traveling with your Luna Beads.

What didn’t work so well for me was the bare retraction string which felt unhygienic without a coating and sometimes cut into my finger during removal. The subtle “vibrations” of the inner balls were not pleasurable in any way. The large size of the Luna Beads made it unnecessary to use my PC muscles to keep them from falling out and also difficult to insert initially (insertion proved easier over time). Removal also was difficult because there was a suction effect between the “crown” bead and my vagina, hence the string cutting into my finger (however the string has proved strong thus far).The instructions and pouch are both stored beneath the balls and I didn’t even realize they were there for nearly a week! While I like the storage box, the plastic cover on top of the balls is quite difficult to remove sometimes.

The biggest problem with the Luna Beads is that the idea of incremental resistance to increase PC muscle control is dubious at best. Starting with the lighter beads and moving to the heavier ones would make sense if one or both of the pairs were of different sizes. Because they are so large, it’s not any harder to keep the heavier balls inside and the heavier balls don’t really offer any more ‘resistance”. There is no way the Luna Beads are going to fall out of anyone during normal activities. In fact, because it’s easier to feel the “vibrations” of the heavier balls, it makes more sense to me to start with them and move on to the harder-to-feel vibrations of the lighter balls once your PC muscles are strong.

Furthermore, although the instructions simply say the vaginal balls will work best during activities like running or swimming, these are not a passive tool, in my opinion. The instructions include no actual suggestions for activities to do when the Luna Beads are inserted and I think this would be valuable material.

While using the Luna Beads, I masturbated, peed, walked, sat, lay and did other activities. I found them to be fairly comfortable but often forgot they were even in which seems a bit counterproductive. They do make an audible sound when you’re moving but once you add layers of clothes or background noises, others will not hear. While peeing, one ball did slip out but I was able to stop them from falling out completely. Orgasming with the Luna Beads inside did not feel all that different than without.

I feel that overall, Luna Beads are a quality product but the effect of having two pairs of weighted balls is little to none. I expected more from the two sets of balls, and do feel a bit disappointed in that respect. If this were simply one set of balls, I think I would be more satisfied. As a single set of vaginal balls, the heavier of the Luna Beads does seem to work well. After using them about 5 times, I do feel I have more control over my muscles and I will continue to use them periodically. However, I am not overly put off because I do not feel I need to use vaginal balls.

20 Comments to “Luna Pleasure Bead System”

  • You might want to try smart balls. Just curious, did you get spanked with the balls in at all?

    • Adriana says:

      I did not but.. I’m not the type to get spanked. I can imagine it would be at least fun to listen/feel the inner balls “bounce” around, even if it’s not pleasurable.

  • Sienna says:

    Aha, yes you did have the same opinions! But I didn’t pee with them in… lol glad to know what happens then!

    • I don’t know how I feel about kegel exercisors, to be honest. Some secret part of me really feels that sticking a finger in my crotch and clenching around it is just as good, even though I know it isn’t the same thing.

      I’ve heard mixed reviews about these, so now I want to try them even more!!!

  • Darlene says:

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