Phallix 24 Karat Gold Double Happiness

December 14th, 2008

Sadly, this is an achrived review as Phallix no longer appears to be available to buy.

What did I do when I decided I wanted to try a glass toy, sometihng with more texture or get into more G-spot stimulation? I decided – what the hell – why not do it all. And that’s what I did when I requested to review the Double Happiness glass dildo from Tabu Toys. This small but mighty toy tackles all those new areas for me as well as one more: it’s my first dildo!

One of the reasons I had not tried a glass dildo before is the high price range. I know that they’re loved by pretty much everyone who tries them but I was wary of paying that much for something I didn’t know if I would like. I recall wondering if glass would be too hard because I have a tendency to clamp down on toys. Would it hurt? I’m glad to say that all of my fears were for naught. This double ended glass dildo by Phallix wasn’t painful in any way and the glass gave sensations different form any other toy in my collection.

At just 3/4″ in diameter, the double Happiness is not the biggest toy I’ve inserted. In fact, if you read my review of the Passion Wave, you will see that I’m a recent convert to the idea of bigger toys. But would this smaller, glass dildo do it for me? I’m happy to say “yes.” I experienced no negatives due to the size of this toy, proving once and for all that size isn’t everything.

What this toy is lacking in size it more than makes up for in texture. This dildo has a slight curve and each end is shaped with a head. One end is “wrapped” to create ridges while the other end contains more than a dozen pleasure causing bumps. These textures rise from the shaft about 1/4′ of an inch and do provide a slightly larger girth. This is also where the 24 Karat gold is contained. I must admit, images of this toy online make it seem like the wrapped end has a thin but clear strip of gold within the spiral wrapping. However, in person it would be nearly impossible to tell this glass dildo has 24 Karat gold in it. The “fuming” process which Phallix use does not make it appear as though gold is physically within the glass; however, there is a slight shimmer in the pink bumps and ridges when looking at the toy in the right light and from the right angle.

Although labeled as a double dildo, I find the 7″ shaft is much too small for partner play. The curve is also not enough that you would be able to stimulate the clitoris at the same time as the G-spot. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with this dildo. Its weight felt significant and the quality was high. I know this toy will be apart of my collection for many years to come.

I first used the Double Happiness in the shower. It easily slid between my pussy lips without any lube at all. It makes sense that glass would glide much easier than silicone and plastic toys but I was still surprised at the ease of penetration. I was relieved not to have to worry about functions and speed and waterproof capabilities for once. There was no pain, only a perfectly shaped dildo between my legs.

I experimented with this glass dildo and quickly came to the realization that I much preferred the bumps over the ridges (perhaps if they were spaced further apart). The texture of this dildo made thrusts that much powerful. Where, before, I was relying on fast and hard thrusts to find pleasure, the defined texture of this toy provided as much sensation with smaller, softer strokes. I could easily feel the little bumps moving against my G-spot and it wasn’t long before I was feeling pleasure much more satisfying than the ‘stimulation’ I’d felt previously from other G-spot toys.

I finished up my shower satisfied but without cumming. I cleaned off the dildo – which was extremely easy to do with the glass – and slipped it into its provided pink satin cinch sac. I love the sac because I know my toy will be easy to find and storage safely. I could do with the white lace trim which does remind me of something a grandmother might wear.

Another day eventually came and I tried this fresh out of the shower, in bed. I applied just a bit of lube and, again, the Double Happiness dildo slid easily into my pussy. Almost immediately, I was feeling pleasure from the ridges and it seemed to press against my G-spot perfectly. Again, I did not orgasm but I really enjoyed the sensations of this toy. I had no idea texture could do so much and the hard glass really helps define the bumps and ridges.

If I have any complaints about this toy, it is the packaging. The plastic clam shell packaging is very bland. In fact, the toy name is not on it. I suspect this is because Phallix uses the same packaging for several of its glass dildos. To me, doing this (and using plastic clam shells to begin with) doesn’t give the right impression. Phallix could easily afford to take measures which say “We are a company making high end toys.”

Overall, I was surprised at just how much pleasure this curved dildo brought. The combination of glass and texture felt divine and while I have yet to orgasm from this toy, I am not giving up hope for the future!

18 Comments to “Phallix 24 Karat Gold Double Happiness”

  • Epiphora says:

    Yay! I agree, I hsve tried a lot of “swirled” glass and I still love bumps the best. I’m glad this dildo did not disappoint you!

  • Trix says:

    I’ve always been nervous about the hardness of glass, but I guess the glide could make up for it. This one may be too textured for me, though…

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