August 25th, 2010

The Wartenberg Wheel was originated a medical instrument used to test sensitivity. It has since been adopted by kinksters who enjoy all sorts of stimulation and many non-kinky sex toy retailers have started to sell it as well, including Good Vibes. They bill is as the pinwheel, which I will use from here on out simply because I am a lazy typer.

So I asked for the pinwheel and it showed up shortly thereafter. Immediately, I was surprised by how sharp the pins are. I guess I expected them to be a bit duller and others have said the same. However, I am wondering if different brands of pinwheel may actually be more dull. I only have one so I cannot say. Nevertheless, I do know that some brands come with a storage pouch/sheath and the one that Good Vibes says it does but mine did not. This is a shame because it’s sharp enough that I’d want to wrap it up to avoid damaging anything else or, Heaven forbid, stepping on it!

Let me back up a bit to describe this. The pin wheel is a long, metal handle with a slightly angled head that holds a wheel consists of 20 or so metal protrusions, or pins. There is a flathead screw that pierces through the layers of the handle and the wheel itself to allow it to spin. The space around the wheel is enough to allow it to move slightly to the left and right, so there is a bit of wobble to the movement and this causes it to make a metallic sound as well. The pins actually flatten toward the end, so they’re not exactly conical.

I am partnerless so I tried this one on for size by myself. I quickly discovered that a super light roll across my upper back tickled in the way that I love. It sent shivers down my spine and created goosebumps that made the touch of the pins painful in a not-so-bad sort of way. It also worked to sensitize my lips (the northern ones). The same light tough was pleasurable along my thighs and outter arms.

Yet, I didn’t really enjoy it on my breasts at all, as I said, the pins are much sharper than I expected. So I have barely tried to apply any pressure at all. I’m just a pussy at this point. However, I can tell that the type of sensation a firmer touch would provider would be more enjoyable with a partner. My head’s not really in the right space to enjoy the Pinwheel in its entirety.

That doesn’t keep my mind from racing to determine other ways to use this. Over clothes or fabric? Sure. Heated or cooled? A little side to side scratching? If you so desire. If you hold the wheel still, you can use it to poke. And even the typical roll can vary from a steady path that never leaves the skin or quick strokes that pull away from it.

Traditional Wartenberg wheels were stainless steel but there’s an area on mine where the finish has been scratched off and I can see something coppery or brassy beneath it. This is around the head of the toy. I filed off a speck on the handle and it seems to be the same metal all the way through. I have no idea what’s going on with that. And it doesn’t affect the functionality in the least, it’s just.. weird.

So, my final thoughts are this is pretty neat. I don’t know what’s up with the sheath and coating but I do know you should be careful when dropping it. Don’t catch it and cut yourself.

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