SpareParts Sasha Lingerie Harness

September 28th, 2012

My first harness you guys. It’s so touching, isn’t it? You know what I thought when I first opened the box, but he’s some in-depth thoughts.

I immediately noticed the red was lighter in person than it is in most photos. It sometimes looks like a raspberry shade, but it’s definitely lighter. It personally doesn’t look as good on me as the black probably would have, but I have one of those skin tones that doesn’t always work with red.

Harness and pantyAs I lifted the harness out of the box, it seemed much larger. It’s simply a lot of material. It’s not quite like a pair of panties, at least, it’s not like the panties I’d normally wear. The waistband is reinforced to almost be stiff, which is definitely unlike a real pair of panties, and the sides of the panties seem quite long when unexpected. The picture to the side shows the Sasha harness in large with a VS Pink panty in medium. The bottoms line up, but there’s simply a lot more material to the harness.

The stiffness of the waistband equals a lack of stretch. I ordered a large, which is supposed to fit a 38″ hip, but an XL might have been a slightly better fit. In fact, you can expect this harness to be a bit snug. If you’re at all worried, I’d suggest moving up to the next larger size. Better safe than sorry.

The amount of material really felt awkward upon pulling it up. I initially cinched up the sides to make this more like a bikini, rather than granny panties. However, this has the added effect of narrowing the legs holes just a bit. I untied the bows after pulling these up and getting situated to make it more uncomfortable.

Back ruchingThere’s this giant ruching in the back. To be honest, the thickness and material look almost diaper-like out of the box, bur I don’t notice it when it’s on. I’m wearing ruched panties as we speak, and I never even feel it in the back. The thicker fabric just makes this look weird when it’s not on a body. As you can see in product photos, the layers that enable you to insert a dildo really show in the front. To me, this is distinctly unsexy. Of course, your silicone cock will probably be what your partner looks at, but this harness just did not feel as sexy as I would expect in and of itself.

Mesh on the insideThen I added a dildo. I went with my VixSkin Tex. It has a girth of about 1.5″, and this was perfect for inserting into the harness. I won’t lie, it took me a minute to realize how this works. There’s two layers of mesh material on the inside that slightly overlap. After pushing Tex through the hole, I then covered the base, but the mesh is loose enough that this doesn’t add sooo much stability. The mesh really helps prevent any chafing or uncomfortable rubbing during use. The harness itself was snug enough on me that it would stay in place pretty well, I think. You’ll really have to get the right size for this to work, though, and there’s no adjusting it.

Speaking of lack of adjustments: the O-ring is permanently sewn in place, and it semes to be 1.5″. Tex was perfect. There’s not a lot of stretch, though. You’d have to stretch the material and the O-ring. It’s just not happening. I feel like you wouldn’t want to go much higher or lower in terms of diameter. This severely limits the number of toys you might be able to use with the Sasha harness, but it’s the perfect size for me. Keep this in mind if you’ve been eyeing it up and you’re a die-hard size queen.

Unlike a real pair of panties, there’s no cotton crotch liner. The envelope of mesh continues down the center, so you could technically stick a bullet or maaaybe another dildo in there for the wearer to receive stimulation. I haven’t used it like this because it seems like there’d just be too much going on. Maybe I’m lame, but to be honest, just wearing my own little penis was pretty exciting enough. I also found that the location of the cock on me meant I could still reach my clitoris through the harness.

As you’d probably guessing, the generous cut, layers, stiff waistband and a few other things don’t much make this an item that I would personally like to wear under my clothes. I would have loved that idea. Oh, you want to have sex after our hot date? Sure, but let me fuck you. It’s totally cheesy in my head, I know. In reality, it’s just not happening.

However, some other goodies totally made up for it. This item is machine washable, and SpareParts provides you with a lingerie bag in which to wash it. It’s a really thick and durable mesh, which I love. It cinches closed, and the hardware seems pretty secure. There’s a little tag with the SpareParts logo on it. I’ve already used this multiple time for my actual bras, panties, etc. It’s super handy and far higher quality than the dollar store bags I was previously using.

Inside Sasha's PouchThe harness also comes with a storage/travel pouch. It’s made of the same red nylon/spandex mix as the panties themselves with a small black bow on the front lip. It has a solid zipper to secure it shut. On the inside, there’s two pockets, and these neat vintage-y buttons hold the one pocket closed. You can easily slip both the harness and lingerie bag into this pouch for storage or use it to hold your Sasha harness and a dildo; however, it won’t be the biggest dildo in the world. This pouch measures about 9″ wide and is just under 7″ tall.

Sasha Pouch and Garters9″ is also about the exact length of the included garters if you extend them fully–including the hardware. They’e pretty typical and seem sturdy but not quite as stretchy as some others that I’ve used. There’s four altogether and the loops on the panties are incredibly sturdy and sewn just inside the leg holes, so you can’t actually see them. Bonus! Especially if you wear this harness without the garters. Because this is slightly uncomfortable on me, I’d opt for not wearing the garters. I just think there’d be too much going on. The hooks are plastic, so make sure to take them off when you wash. Plastic pieces on straps always tend to break on me. However, the ribbons at the end move away for the classic garter attachment if you’re wearing thigh highs.

So, what’s my verdict? The Sasha is not as sexy on me as I would’ve liked. The cut and material is probably better for someone taller and thinner in the midsection. However, it works very well as a harness, and all the extras really blew me away. I can’t remember the last time I was impressed with the details. I love that it’s machine washable and that the manufacturer provided a washing bag with it. If you want to try it, you could do much worse, but I’d carefully measure yourself and consider the size of dildos that you love to use before making the plunge. This is a luxury piece that will please a select few, but not everyone will love it.

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