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October 14th, 2014

Whenever I have to describe the demographic of my blog, I quickly point out that readers come typically from English-speaking countries. Of course, there are plenty of you from the USA and Canada. Hi, folks. I have a number of people who surf in from across the pond. Ello. blokes. And then there are my mates from Australia. I love you all, I do.

But shopping for sex toys isn’t a universal experience, this I know. In my podunk town, I have two stores, no matter how terrible it will be. As an American, I can pretty much get anything shipped from anywhere for bottom-dollar prices. I am spoiled, yes indeed. For example, I’ve tried at least 3 different plug-in wand-style massagers. It doesn’t matter whether or not I like them because the options are there. And this isn’t even including the number of rechargeable wands that are available on the market.

This isn’t so with other countries. Canadians, for example, have more issues when it comes to shipping and tariffs. Man, those are a bummer! But there seem to be a lot more options for shopping in Canada and the UK than there are in Australia. That’s why I’m so happy to write about a new product that some of my readers might never have had a chance to try before.

Y’all know about the original Magic Wand. It’s been reviewed by everyone, including me. But it’s definitely designed for Americans in mind. I know some companies offer similar wand options with plugs for the UK and other European companies, but someone’s finally introduced a similar massager for our friends down under.

The Oz Wand is now available

The Oz Wand is now available in Australia

The Oz Wand Massager is aptly named and looks quite similar to the original Hitachi magic wand and, now, the, Magic Wand Original.. Because neither Hitachi nor Vibratex ever made a  220v-240v model, this means Australians were left in the cold. Aside from the compatible Australian plug, this version has 10 different speeds, which is great if you don’t always need a vibrator that sounds and feels like a jackhammer.

The Oz Wand has a few updates including a removable and washable silicone head and a storage pouch. Currently, there is a G-spot attachment available for internal stimulation with the Oz Wand, and the massager is compatible with attachments made for the Hitachi, so you have more options.

If you’re in Australia, head over to the Oz Wand Massager site to purchase this. You can choose to purchase the vibrator separately or in a bundle with the G-spot attachment. The wand starts at $139.95. Free shipping is available.

I expect that you’ll start to see them in local stores, too, as the folks at Oz Wand spread the word to retailers.

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