Under the Bed Restraints

November 20th, 2008

I was excited to know that Babeland would be kind enough to supply me with some Under the Bed Restraints. It seemed like the perfect way to finally bring my interest in BDSM from the internet to the bedroom (and real life). I knew the restraints had been rated highly by many folks before so I expected a quality product that would provide me with a way to truss up my husband easily.

After the restraints arrived, I spent nearly 2 weeks being unable to use them because of lack of time and other intrusions. We had jested back and forth about using them and finally decided to have them set up for his next “weekend” off. I finally got the chance.

Under the Bed Restraints by Sportsheets were in a smaller package than I expected but this didn’t mean they would not be impressive. While I had high hopes for the toy inside, the plastic clam shell box was disappointing with its display of half naked woman who leaves little to the imagination.

I was surprised to open the package and see such a small pile of straps, clips, rings and cuffs. I Was also worried at how much work it would be to get under the bed as I would be the only person installing them and our mattress is quite large at 17″ high. Despite all my reservations, Under the Bed Restraints came through.

The restraints come with the cuffs unattached which is how I left them when installing. There are a total of 5 straps, 1 connector strap which goes beneath the mattress and 2 each which connect to either side of that center strap for the 4 wrist and ankle straps. Each strap in the set is 60″ long.

To install the under the bed restraints, I slid one end of the connector strap and 1 restraint strap under the head of my mattress, beneath the bed skirt. I pulled the restraint strap until it was roughly even with the other restraint strap and that side of the connector strap was centered beneath the mattress. I mirrored the process for the foot of the bed which was more difficult because the left restraint was trying to go over the bed skirt rather than under. After I straightened it out, I attached the cuffs each restraint; each cuff is outfitted with a metal clip (like on the end of a dog leash) and each strap was fitted with a ring where the clipped is attached. I pulled on the cuffs for good measure to make sure there was no give in the connect strap beneath the bed.

I adjusted the straps so that they had as much room as possible because of our large mattress. We have a queen sized bed and I can see this being too small for those with larger beds unless the mattresses are very thin. After installing the restraint system, I adjusted the straps so there was no slack and tucked them, along with the cuffs, into the bed rails beneath the skirt. They became virtually invisible after I smoothed the bed skirt back down over them and I was excited at the thought of reaching down and cuffing my partner with the seemingly “invisible” restraints. This also makes storage extremely easy and, unless I move the bed, I don’t have to do anything but reach for the cuffs when I want to play.

All in all, installation took about 10 minutes by myself and was no extremely difficult despite a cat who kept chasing the straps and working beneath my bed skirt. I only had to lift the edge of the mattress and then I slid the restraints beneath it so it was not as much effort as I would have thought.

During this process, I took some time to get to know the restraint system. The straps are woven nylon, similar to some belts, attached to key chain like rings and the metal clips seemed to be pretty standard. For someone who is creative, imitating this setup would not be very difficult. Furthermore, if something should break on my restraint system, I could probably replace it without needing to trash the whole set.

I was really impressed with the cuffs which are lined with super soft felt and measure in at 9.5″ which makes them long enough for even fairly wide wrists. They are fastened with velcro which make them easy to use and easy to take off in a hurry, such as if the kids come home early. 😉 The velcro straps are quite long and allow the straps to me adjusted from anywhere from 5″ to 13.5″ inches (if you don’t mind feeling the velcro on your wrists). Although velcro can be easily pulled apart, these cuffs felt very secure for the type of pulling they would experience.

Putting them on my partner was just as easy, although he wasn’t resisting much. I did use my body weight in my aid when he resisted at first, something which should work for most. The cuffs wrapped comfortable around his wrists and ankles as he lay face up. As I started to tease him with a bullet, I found the straps for his legs had too much give and was able to easily adjust them by pulling on the straps with one tug. I felt assured that should I need to do the opposite (give slack), that I would be able to do so with one move as well.

I felt that the straps were very secure around his ankles but no more than a minute after I’d cuffed one wrist, he had gotten out. He has extremely long fingers and was easily able to undo the straps. Now, for someone with shorter fingers like myself, I would find this much more difficult or even impossible. In the future, I would consider wrapping the velcro straps around the cuffs themselves to make this a bit more tricky. Nevertheless, these restraints might not be the best for someone who wants impossible to get out of bondage so it was good that my husband wasn’t feeling the best otherwise he would have struggled more.

I thought the restraints added a nice aspect to our play. I was able to tease and tickle him and, except for before I tightened the straps, he was helpless. I know he enjoyed the sensation as well and felt no discomfort whatsoever from the cuffs. Under the bed restraints would also work well for someone who is on their stomach for impact play such as spanking or flogging but this would make my husband;s penis difficult to stimulate. You are somewhat limited to positions. Facing up or down, a person could be be spread eagle or stretched with arms above their head an legs closer together. While you could do doggie, it wouldn’t as much sense with the restraints. I think the restraints could be used, with some effort, to bind someone who is leaning over the bed for better access to genitals and to make a better target of the ass. But you just can’t do everything with Under the Bed Restraints.

And that’s okay. For what they are, an affordable, practical and easy to use and store bondage solution, Under the Bed Restraints are a must-have for anyone interested in bondage, amateur or pro!

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